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Enjoy more TV and Movies with Netflix on Panasonic Smart Devices

Enjoy more TV and Movies with Netflix on Panasonic Smart Devices



Enjoy more TV shows and movies than ever before with the new Netflix App, available on selected Panasonic Smart products. Netflix is the world’s leading subscription service, with over 57 million users across 50 countries. Watch as much content as you want, anytime and anywhere, without ads.

If you have any questions about the Netflix service, you can contact Netflix NZ on 0800 480 222. CLICK HERE for the Netflix NZ help centre.

If you have any questions about the Netflix service on your Panasonic devices, please contact our Customer Care Team on 09 272 0178 or customerservice@nz.panasonic.com.


What is Netflix?
Netflix is an on-demand service which lets you instantly stream TV shows and movies to Internet connected devices. Netflix subscribers can watch as many TV shows and movies as they want, anytime and anywhere. To see the full line-up of content available on Netflix visit: https://www.netflix.com/global
Panasonic are not responsible for the content available on Netflix in New Zealand.

How do I view Netflix TV shows and movies?
To view Netflix’s vast selection of content, you will need to subscribe to the Netflix service. In New Zealand, Netflix is offering three subscription plans:

-    Single-stream standard definition plan: $9.99 p/month
-    Two-stream high-definition plan: $12.99 p/month
-    Four-stream 4K ultra-high definition "family" plan: $15.99 p/month

Netflix is an online streaming service, so you will also need to have Broadband or Ultra-Fast Broadband Internet. The type of internet service you subscribe to will have an impact on the performance and quality of Netflix’s content. For queries relating to your broadband connection and streaming performance, you will need to contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Is there a charge for subscribing to Netflix?
Yes. Netflix subscribers will need to pay for a monthly subscription to access this service. CLICK HERE for more details on Netflix New Zealand subscription plans.

What is the Netflix App?
To view TV shows and Movies via Netflix, you will need to have access to the Netflix App. The Netflix App is available on selected Panasonic Smart Devices (see list below of compatible products). On these devices, the Netflix App can be accessed via VIERA Connect or the Netflix button on your remote control.

If your Panasonic Smart Device does not have the Netflix App, it can be downloaded onto any internet connected external device (smartphone, tablet, gaming console). From there, you can either stream content to your TV or connect your device to your TV via the appropriate HDMI cable for your device.

How much does it cost to download the Netflix App?
The Netflix App is free to download and access.

How fast does my internet connection need to be to stream Netflix?
The minimum required connection speed is 3.0Mbps for streaming Standard Definition content from Netflix.

While Netflix works with many different broadband Internet connections, the speed and bandwidth of your broadband may impact your viewing experience.

Netflix is a streaming service and when you view movies or TV episodes, they are streaming over the Internet, not being downloaded. You must be connected to the Internet whilst viewing content.

How much of my Internet data will Netflix use?
Netflix estimates data usage to be:

-    SD (standard definition) content: 1GB per hour
-    HD (high-definition) content: 3GB per hour
-    Family plan (ultra HD (4K) content): 7GB per hour

Customers will need to carefully monitor their data usage when streaming content from Netflix. If you want to stream in High-Definition or Ultra High-Definition content, you may need to investigate whether this will work on your current Internet plan.

You can manage the amount of data you use whilst streaming by adjusting the video playback quality. Simply adjust the settings in the Netflix App to change your video quality settings.

Whilst accessing Netflix, any charges incurred by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for broadband usage are your responsibility. You will need to contact your ISP provider for queries relating to your broadband connection or streaming performance.

Which Panasonic VIERA Smart TVs is the Netflix App compatible with?
The Netflix App is available on the following Panasonic Smart TV and Blu-Ray players:

-    2016 TV Models:

o    DX900 Series, DX740 Series, DX700 Series, DX640 Series, DX600 Series, DS630 Series, DS610 Series and DS500 Series.

-    2015 Panasonic TV Models:

o    CS600Z Series, CS610Z Series, CS650Z Series, CX610Z Series, CX640Z Series, CX700Z Series and CX800Z Series.

-    2014 Panasonic TV Models:

o    X940Z Series, AX900 Series, AX800 Series, AX670 Series, AS800 Series, AS700 Series, AS670 Series, AS640 Series, AS630 Series and AS610 Series.

-    2013 Panasonic TV Models:

o    ST60Z Series, VT60Z Series, E6Z Series, ET60Z Series, DT60Z Series, WT60Z Series and WT600Z Series.

-    2012 Panasonic TV Models:

o    E5Z Series, ET5Z Series, ET50Z Series, DT50Z Series, WT50Z Series, UT50Z Series, ST50Z Series, GT50Z Series and VT50Z Series.

-    2016 Panasonic Blu-Ray Models:

o    DMR-BWT760, DMR-PWT560, DMR-HWT260, DMP-BD84GN, DMP-BDT280GN and DMP-BDT380GN.

-    2015 Panasonic Blu-Ray Models:

o    DMP-BD83, DMP-BDT170, DMP-BDT370 and DMR-PWT550.

-    2014 Panasonic Blu-Ray Models:

o    DMP-BD91, DMP-BD81, DMP-BDT360 and DMP-BDT460.

Please note – on AS700 and AX800 TV models, your touch pad remote will not drive the Netflix App.

Where can I access the Netflix App on my Panasonic Smart TV?
The Netflix App icon should automatically appear on your compatible Panasonic Smart TV model. If the Netflix App icon does not appear on the ‘VIERA Connect’ Home Screen, you may need to download it from the ‘App Marketplace’.

CLICK HERE to read our step-by-step guide helping you set-up a Netflix account via your Panasonic Smart TV.

For 2012/2013 Panasonic Smart TVs: If the Netflix App isn’t showing in the ‘App Marketplace’, you will need to do a ‘Shipping Condition Reset’. This is similar to re-booting a PC.

How-to do a ‘Shipping Condition Reset’:

1. Press the ‘Menu’ Button on your VIERA TV Remote
2. Go to the ‘Set Up’ menu
3. Search for the ‘System Menu’ option
4. Select ‘Shipping Condition’ and follow the on-screen instructions.

Please note: When carrying out a ‘Shipping Condition Reset’, your TV will re-tune its channels.
Once it has done the auto-tune, the next step will be setting up the Internet connection. You will need to confirm your encryption key for your broadband modem, which may not necessarily be the same as you Wi-Fi password.

My Panasonic VIERA TV model isn’t listed above - can I still access Netflix?
You can stream Netflix from any Internet-connected device that offers the Netflix App such as:

-    2015 Panasonic Smart Blu-Ray Products:

o    DMP-BD81
o    DMP-BD83
o    DMP-BD91
o    DMP-BDT170
o    DMP-BDT360
o    DMP-BDT370
o    DMP-BDT460

-    Gaming Consoles
-    Streaming Players (e.g. Roku, Google Chromecast, Apple TV)
-    Smartphones and Tablets
-    On a PC using an Internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox)

CLICK HERE for a more detailed list of devices.

Does Netflix offer High Definition / 4K Content?
Yes. Netflix can stream content in High-Definition and Ultra High-Definition (4K). CLICK HERE for more information on Netflix’s High-Definition subscription plan.

For High-Definition and Ultra High-Definition / 4K content the following Internet connection speeds are recommended:

-    HD Quality: Minimum Broadband Internet connection speed required is 5.0Mbps
-    Ultra HD / 4K Quality: Minimum Internet connection speed required is 25.0Mbps via Fibre Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB).

Can I view Netflix’s 4K Content on my Panasonic VIERA Smart TV?
Yes. Netflix’s 4K Content will be available on the following Panasonic VIERA 4K Smart TV and Smart 4K Blu-Ray players:

-    2014 Panasonic TV Products:

o    X940Z Series VIERA TVs
o    AX900 Series VIERA TVs
o    AX800 Series VIERA TVs

-    2015 Panasonic TV Products:

o    CX610Z Series VIERA TVs
o    CX640Z Series VIERA TVs
o    CX700Z Series VIERA TVs
o    CX800Z Series VIERA TVs

The picture quality whilst streaming movies and TV shows may vary on devices. Picture quality can be affected by a variety of factors including your location, the speed and bandwidth of your Internet connection, and the number of devices accessing your Internet connection whilst you are streaming Netflix. You will need to contact your Internet provider for queries on your broadband connection or streaming performance.

If you want to view Ultra HD (4K) content, it is recommended that no other devices (including PCs, phones and tablets) should be accessing Netflix or doing large downloads at the same time. Multiple devices using your Internet service reduces the amount of bandwidth available to your Panasonic product running Netflix, this can affect the streaming video quality.

Streaming 4K content uses more bandwidth than streaming in standard definition. Please check with your Internet provider for information on possible Internet data charges, as you are responsible for all Internet access charges.

Can I connect my TV to my Broadband Modem to access Netflix?
To ensure best video streaming performance, it is recommended to hardwire your Panasonic device to your Broadband modem using an Ethernet cable. This eliminates environmental and hardware factors that affect wireless connection speeds.

If you are unable to hardwire your Ethernet connection, we recommend investing in a good-quality wireless broadband modem that has multiple aerials and extended range functionality. The modems supplied by your ISP often lack the features and functionality to allow optimisation for wireless streaming. There are Broadband modems on the market that are specifically engineered for working with Ultra HD content and services such as Netflix.

Where can I go for more help on Netflix?
Please visit the Netflix Help Centre - https://www.netflix.com/global

GENERAL TROUBLE SHOOTING: How do I connect my TV to the internet?
CLICK HERE for more information on Panasonic’s Web Browser App.