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Settle in for a LIGHTBOX binge session

Settle in for a LIGHTBOX binge session

Settle in for a LIGHTBOX binge session

Catch-up on all your favourite TV shows with the Lightbox App, available on Panasonic Smart TVs. Lightbox is a New Zealand streaming TV service that offers you an incredible choice of TV shows to watch ad-free. For $12.99 per 30 days, you’ll have unlimited access to brand new, globally trending shows, cult classics, New Zealand favourites, and a huge range of kids’ shows.
Choose from brand new and exclusive-to-Lightbox shows like time-travelling Highland romance Outlander and Breaking Bad prequel Better Call Saul, or kick back with every episode of Seinfeld on tap. Give your kids some quiet time with The Penguins of Madagascar or Sesame Street. New shows are being added all the time!
If you have any questions regarding the Lightbox service on your Panasonic TV, please contact our Customer Care Team on 09 272 0178 or customerservice@nz.panasonic.com.

How to watch Lightbox on your Panasonic Smart TV

Lightbox has an app for Panasonic Smart TVs from 2014 onwards.
Follow these steps to get setup:
• On your remote, click on the ‘HOME’ button
• Select the ‘Apps Market’ option displayed on the TV screen
• Scroll down and select the ‘Video & Movie’ option on the left hand side of the menu
• Once the ‘Video & Movie’ screen appears, scroll through the options on the right until you find the Lightbox app, and select it.
• The Lightbox app information will display on your TV screen. Click on ‘Install'.
• You will be asked to setup a Panasonic Smart TV account. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete this.
• Once you have created the Panasonic Smart TV account and the Lightbox app is installed – click on the ‘APPS’ button on your remote
• Select the Lightbox app displayed on the TV. Enter your Lightbox login details and watch to your hearts content! (NB: you must have registered an account on the Lightbox website before you can log into the app).
If you can’t find the app or if it doesn’t work on your Panasonic TV, you might be using a model that doesn’t support Lightbox.
Check the list of models below.

Supported Panasonic Smart TV models

2017 Panasonic TV Products:

ES500Z Series TVs | EX600Z Series TVs | EX640Z Series TVs | EX730Z Series TVs | EX780Z Series TVs | EZ950U Series TVs | EZ1000U Series TVs

2016 Panasonic TV Products:

DS500Z Series VIERA TVs | DS630U Series VIERA TVs | DX600U Series VIERA TVs | DX640Z Series VIERA TVs | DX700Z Series VIERA TVs | DX740U Series VIERA TVs | DX900U Series VIERA TVs

BWT760GN Blu-Ray DVD Recorder | HWT260GN Personal Video Recorder | PWT560GN Personal Video Recorder

2015 Panasonic TV Products:

CS600Z Series VIERA TVs | CS610Z Series VIERA TVs | CS650Z Series VIERA TVs | CX610Z Series VIERA TVs | CX640Z Series VIERA TVs | CX700Z Series VIERA TVs | CX800Z Series VIERA TVs

2014 Panasonic TV Products:

X940Z Series VIERA TVs | AX900 Series VIERA TVs | AX800 Series VIERA TVs | AX670 Series VIERA TVs | AS800 Series VIERA TVs | AS700 Series VIERA TVs | AS670 Series VIERA TVs | AS640 Series VIERA TVs | AS630 Series VIERA TVs | AS610 Series VIERA TVs

To run any of the Lightbox apps, you are required to log in with your Lightbox account. To manage your account, go to the Settings menu on the Lightbox website. Start your free 30-day trial by signing up with your details (including a valid credit card). You'll need a broadband connection, and your usual ISP charges will apply. Cancel anytime.

Supported Panasonic Smart TV models

Where can I go for more help on Lightbox?

Please visit the Lightbox Help Centre - https://help.lightbox.co.nz