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Mobility & Olympic nanoe™/nanoe™ X Projects, Japan

Caring about people and the air they breathe

If people spend time in your facility, it just makes sense to keep its air clean.
Leading public facilities including automobiles, rely on nanoe™/nanoe™ X to help provide quality indoor air.

An image of LEXUS car with nanoeX logo

Installed in 40 Toyota and Lexus models as well as Mitsubishi Motors and Suzuki.
Also available as options at Honda, Suzuki, Mazda and Subaru.


Panasonic confirms that Jaguar Land Rover, a luxury automobile brand will use Panasonic’s nanoe™ X technology in in-vehicle HVAC systems in the future.

An image of JPN TAXI in front of Mt. Fuji
An image of JPN TAXI in front of Mt. Fuji

nanoe™ helps keep the air in JPN TAXIs clean, contributing to a welcoming environment for all, including oversea visitors.

A birdview image of Olympic village with nanoeX logo

Olympic and Paralympic Village

Panasonic has delivered residential wall-mounted air conditioners featuring nanoe™X to the Olympic and Paralympic Village to welcome athletes from all over the world with a comfortable environment.

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