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Sai Aarav Motors Dealership, India

Sai Aarav Motors (India)

Sai Aarav Motors is a Nissan auto dealership located in the Gujarati city of Mehsana. The company’s new showroom was recently constructed in a favourable location in the historic part of Mehsana, close to the city’s main tourist attractions.

An image of Sai Aarav Motors, a Nissan auto dealer

Air Conditioning System: VRF 2-Way FSV ME1 Series: 3 systems
Cooling Capacity: 156 kW / 44 USRT
Indoor Units:
High-static ducted E1 Series: 5 units
Wall Mounted K1 Series: 13 units
4-Way Cassette U1 Series: 1 unit
Control System:
Wired remote controller: 19 units

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