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NEW Premium Kitchen Range

NEW Premium Kitchen Range

Classic style meets smart functionality and superior quality with an array of models to choose from.

NEW Premium Kitchen Range

Panasonic New Zealand is committed to bringing innovative, smart technology into our homes that make everyday living easy.

Loved by Kiwi households, Panasonic is recognised as one of the most trusted brands in New Zealand; a reputation that is backed up by award-winning levels of customer service and leading-edge product innovation.
Our diverse range of products are designed to benefit the lives of New Zealanders with reliable technology that complements our way of life, for every day. The way we cook has transformed in recent years, and Panasonic built-in kitchen appliances bring you new tools to make the food you enjoy.
Panasonic only delivers quality products and easy to use appliances that are designed to last. At the heart of every great Panasonic product is a core technology unique to us, these technologies are changing the way we live with environmentally responsible solutions that also deliver cost-saving benefits. Panasonic New Zealand is committed to our global vision of “a better life, a better world”. In addition to designing energy wise products, we run community sport and education projects, supporting young New Zealanders for the future.

Genius Sensor+


Genius Sensor+
Intelligent cooking at the touch of a button.

A truly innovative and cutting-edge technology exclusive to Panasonic, the Genius Sensor is an essential tool for quicker, more accurate temperature control and better cooking results. It detects and monitors the temperature of your cookware, up to 230˚C, for safe and stable high-heat cooking. It’s the ultimate control at the touch of a button.

Flatbed Technology


Flatbed Technology
With Flatbed technology the limitations of turntable microwave ovens will be a thing of the past.

Our Flatbed models have done away with turntables in favour of a space that more resembles the inside of a traditional oven. Thanks to this innovative feature you can start to think about microwave cooking in a completely new way.

Flatbed models enable you to use dishes of any form and size giving you a cooking area that is up to 45% bigger compared to conventional turntable models.



Optimised energy consumption at your fingertips.

Conventional microwave ovens operate on only one power level - fully on or off. Panasonic Inverter technology gives you more control in terms of power output. Instead of just one power level, Inverter delivers graduated power sequences so food is cooked more evenly, preserving texture and flavour, and preventing spill overs and burnt edges.

Built-In Kitchens

Create the kitchen of your dreams with Panasonic Built-In Kitchen appliances. Mix and match from our extensive premium range of cooktops, ovens, combination ovens, and dishwashers to achieve a look that fits perfectly in your home.



Designed for high-performance Panasonic’s Induction Hobs give you complete control and better results in the kitchen. From seared beef to sauces and soups, enjoy clever new features for better results. Ceramic Cooktops also available.



Enjoy the ultimate cooking experience with Panasonic’s Built-In Ovens. They have a wide-range of practical features making it even easier to cook your favourite dishes or experiment with something new. Large-capacity, easy to use, and with innovative design features, Panasonic ovens have everything to cater for busy lifestyles.


Combo Ovens

The versatility of these premium compact ovens will transform your meals, delivering healthier results in less time. Streamlining the way you cook and combining the functions of an Oven and a Microwave, you can grill, steam, heat, and even combine functions to create restaurant-worthy dishes.



Panasonic dishwashers are user-friendly, energy-efficient and require less water. They offer larger capacity with advanced technology in every function to ensure the best results. Flexible dish loading with minimal bending for loading and unloading. Choose between matching the door to your cabinetry or using the attachable stainless steel door.


Panasonic’s range of refrigerators offer smart technology and innovative features in a classic, but on-trend, sleek design. Our range offers a variety of sizes to suit any kitchen while our clever ECONAVI technology monitor power consumption and adjust cooling based on your usage.



Forget everything you used to believe about microwave ovens. With innovative technologies, revolutionary design changes and other practical features, the sky’s the limit. Panasonic’s intelligent microwave ovens are designed to simplify your home life. We do the hard work so you don’t have to. With all these great features you will have delicious results every time.


Small Appliances:

Busy lifestyles are a reality these days, but with Panasonic’s diverse range of appliances, we know we can make your life easier. Imagine home baked bread, healthy smoothies or a perfect batch of soup easily prepared in your own kitchen.