Camcorder Accessory VW-CTR1GN







Let the camera
operate itself

Connect to a compatible camcorder, and you can make the camera rotate automatically. The motion sensor and face recognition function allow you to automatically capture video of your most special moments with ease. You can operate directly from the camcorder, or use remote control with the Panasonic Image App.

Party Scene

The motion sensor and face recognition function will capture all of your guests, and framing is automatically adjusted.

Note:A USB cable (supplied with the camcorder) is required to connect the VW-CTR1 and the camcorder.

Moving Subject

The motion sensor will find and follow moving subjects such as your pet. If your pet stays in one place for a while, the camera will even zoom in to capture the action. The Wi-Fi function can also be connected to control panning, tilting, and zooming so you keep an eye on things from afar.


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