18V 4.2Ah Li-ion Battery Pack Offers Long Lasting Performance and Reliable Durability

High Performance Battery Capacity

Panasonic’s 4.2Ah Li-ion Battery Packs are capable of approximately 27% more working capacity per charge than the previous model, meaning you can get the job done faster.

Individual Monitoring of Battery Cell Voltage

A sensor to ensure optimal discharge control, preventing both overcharging and over discharging, monitors each 3.6V segment.

Over Discharge Prevention Sensor

The sensor works to prevent over discharging that can occur with the discharge of the battery until voltage falls below a minimum threshold
(a problem that is common to lithium ion cells).

Battery Overheat Protection Sensor

The temperature sensor cuts off power to the motor before the battery temperature rises to a harmful level and flashes a warning lamp on the tool’s control panel.


18 Volts (3.6V x 10 Cells)
4.2 Ah Capacity
0.93kg Weight