Pure Direct Sound System

The distortion that is commonly generated by the scattered reflection of sound from surrounding surfaces is dramatically reduced by noise cancelling, with digital signal processing to reproduce highly pure sound.

Digital Music Connection for iPod/iPhone

Digital Music Connection for iPod/iPhone (30-pin connector) allows the Compact Stereo System to process music signals in their original digital form. This eliminates sound degradation caused by Digital/Analogue conversion during transmission. Allowing the users to enjoy their favourite iPod tunes with pure sound that is highly faithful to the original.

Direct-Vocal Surround

This feature positions the musical instruments in a surround configuration and accentuates the vocals
in the centre, so you feel enveloped by the vocals. Enjoy the same great ambience as if you were
listening to a live performance in an actual concert hall.

Nanosized Bamboo Cone Speaker

Finer bamboo fibres than were used in the 2011 models, enable this new cone speaker to reproduce clear, fresh natural tones with minimal distortion.

Slim Flat Design - A Perfect Fit Where Space is Limited

The slim body of the Compact Stereo System makes it ideal for setting it onto a shallow shelf, or mounting it to a wall.


Pure Direct Sound System
Digital Music Connection for iPod / iPhone
Direct Vocal Surround


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Operating Instructions
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