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Micro System SC-PMX70B

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Design Your Life with High Quality Music

The new LincsD-Amp and 3-Way Speaker with Silk Dome Tweeter provide rich sounds from a variety of music sources. The main unit features aluminum panels and a compact, elegant design.


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Clear, distortion-free sound

3-Way Speaker with Silk Dome Tweeter

The PMX70 produces a beautifully expressive, dynamic sound perfectly suited to high-resolution audio. It combines a high-quality 3-way speaker design with a silk dome tweeter capable of reaching frequencies as high as 50kHz.

*black model is not available in New Zealand.

Natural sound with minimal interference or distortion

3rd generation LincsD-Amp

Experience music exactly as it was meant to be heard thanks to the LincsD-Amp. The latest innovative version of this technology manages to correct issues (such as jitter and power supply noise) that usually cause distortion in digital music playback.

Unlock the potential of high-res sound

High Quality Audio Parts

To get the best sound quality from today’s high-resolution audio formats you need to use the best quality components. Panasonic has taken great care in building the PMX70 using premium-grade aluminium electrolyte capacitors and metallised polyester film capacitors.


Micro System SC-PMX70B
Pure, High Quality Sound
Panasonic Digital Amp Solution
Enjoy Music in Your Own Way
Bluetooth® Streaming with Re-master
High Grade Design
Aluminum Front Panel and Compact Size

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