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Panasonic Commits to Power Eco Lifestyles with Technology in Southeast Asia and Oceania

Panasonic Asia Pacific Managing Director Junichiro Kitagawa with Special Guest Mr Ram Bhaskar, Director of Energy Efficiency and Conservation Department, National Environment Agency

• Calls for community support in switching to energy efficient products by FY2015, aimed at achieving 8 million tons of CO2 emission reduction
• Promotes energy technologies and solutions towards the development of smart and sustainable cities
• Targets 700,000 tons of CO2 emission reduction through green manufacturing practices

20 June 2014, Singapore – Panasonic Asia Pacific (Panasonic) aims to further enhance energy efficiency of its eco products1, such as its flagship range of ECONAVI and Inverter home appliances, and sets itself a target by FY2015 to help the Southeast Asia and Oceania community reduce their CO2 emission by 8 million tons throughout the product lifespan. The targeted reduction is equivalent to help save some 15 billion kWh of electricity – about 1.3% of Southeast Asia’s annual residential energy requirements. In enhancing its Business-to-Business portfolio, Panasonic will also integrate its technologies, hardware and software, to provide comprehensive energy solutions towards smart and sustainable cities.
These targets are set as a part of Panasonic’s new Eco Declaration Framework announced today, after stellar results achieved on previous Eco Declaration targets. Junichiro Kitagawa, Managing Director, Panasonic Asia Pacific, said, “With its high economic growth potential, energy consumption and demand in Southeast Asia is on the rise. To meet this growing energy demand, Panasonic aims to power eco lifestyles with our innovative energy management technologies, comprehensive products and integrated sustainable solutions. We are heartened by the positive results achieved in our last mid-term Eco Declaration and are committed to reduce CO2 emissions further and strengthen outreach activities towards a better life, a better world for both our private and public stakeholders.”

Eco Declaration Results (April 2010 to March 2013)

Panasonic has surpassed the set targets for the last mid-term declaration.

1. Sales ratio of eco products have increased from 49% to 80% - meeting its target – as a result of extensive eco branding and marketing activities. This signals customers’ heightened awareness of an energy efficient lifestyle.

2. In the area of green manufacturing, the company achieved 638,000 tons of CO2 emission reduction (versus ‘business-as-usual’ level 2) – exceeding its target of 600,000 tons.

3. Three Eco Model Factories were developed in Vietnam, India and Philippines in line with its vision to set up one in each country with manufacturing facilities. Spearheading sustainability efforts, the factories are symbolic in Panasonic taking stewardship of its business activities.

4. Approximately 280,000 youths have benefitted from environmental education programmes – exceeding its target of 200,000. The Environment Champions (Schools) Industry Module in Singapore encourages primary and secondary school students to learn about green industrial practices at Panasonic’s Eco Model Factory and develop environmental outreach projects. In Thailand, the Low Carbon School Network Programme develops students’ capabilities in implementing smart energy projects in their schools and communities.

New Eco Declaration Framework3

In this new mid-term, Panasonic will raise the bar and challenge new targets by March 2016.

1. Lower CO2 emissions by 8 million tons throughout entire product lifespan by enhancing the energy efficiency of our eco products and expanding current range such as air conditioners, 4K televisions and microwave ovens with intelligent eco sensors; encouraging the community to switch to save

2. Strengthen Business-to-Business portfolio through energy solutions towards the development of smart and sustainable cities in the region such as contributing to the Low Carbon Society for the Iskandar Economic Zone in Malaysia and Smart Home Energy Pilot feasibility study in Singapore with the Housing Development Board (HDB) and Energy Market Authority (EMA)

3. Reduce a further 700,000 tons (versus ‘business-as-usual’ level) through green manufacturing activities, in addition to strengthening existing resource conservation and continuing with chemical substances management efforts (prohibiting the use of substances regulated under EU RoHS4 directive)

4. Bring on board another 200,000 members of the community to our eco outreach activities, focusing on product technology and green manufacturing

As a global manufacturer, the company will continue to mitigate the environmental impact of its business activities through its technologies and solutions, not only in pursuing environmental sustainability as a commitment, but also as a pivotal business growth strategy.

1Compared to energy efficiency levels of similar Panasonic products introduced in fiscal year ending March 2006
2Level of CO2 emissions projected assuming no improvement is made since fiscal year ending March 2006
3Refer to full presentation deck for details
4Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances

About Panasonic

Panasonic Corporation is a worldwide leader in the development and engineering of electronic technologies and solutions for customers in residential, non-residential, mobility and personal applications. Since its founding in 1918, the company has expanded globally and now operates over 500 consolidated companies worldwide, recording consolidated net sales of 7.74 trillion yen for the year ended March 31, 2014. Committed to pursuing new value through innovation across divisional lines, the company strives to create a better life and a better world for its customers. For more information about Panasonic, please visit the company's website at http://panasonic.net/.

About Panasonic Asia Pacific

Panasonic Asia Pacific provides the whole range of the brand’s products and solutions across the South East Asia and Pacific (APAC) region. The company focuses on promoting its Business-to-Business portfolio, such as in the field of energy solutions, whilst maintaining solid Business-to-Consumer growth, in line with the group’s global direction.

The region has 45 manufacturing sites, which hold as a key hub for Panasonic’s global production activities supporting the consumer, solutions and components and devices business. Based in Singapore, Panasonic Asia Pacific regional headquarter encourages locally-initiated energy solutions partnerships and businesses. In this fiscal year, the headquarters will also strengthen the company’s foothold in emerging markets. Panasonic Asia Pacific will continue to promote green innovation and reduce its regional carbon dioxide emissions footprint in support of Panasonic’s global eco initiatives.

Issued by Panasonic Asia Pacific. For media queries, please contact:

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Executive, Brand Management Group
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