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Panasonic Taiwan, a member of the global Panasonic Group, was established in 1962. From the outset, we have recognized our responsibilities as industrialists, devoted ourselves to the progress and development of society and the well-being of people through our business activities, thereby enhancing quality of life throughout the world.

Company Name

Panasonic Taiwan Co., Ltd. (PTW)


579 Yuan-Shan Road, Chung-Ho District, New Taipei City, Taiwan

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Huang Zheng-Cheng


October 2, 1962

Capital Amount

NT$ 3422 million

Number of Employees


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The President of Panasonic Taiwan

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Panasonic offers goods and services in Taiwan across matrix of household appliances, commercial architecture equipment, system solutions, FA, industry components, home interior decoration, constructions etc. In addition to unique technologies, products and services, Panasonic has also provided integrated solutions regarding living space and commercial use, aiming to improve goods and provide comfortable life to the society while pursuing long-term and sustainable development.

From now on, we’ll stand for the brand vision of “Live Your Best” to gain close contact with customers in this changing world, and become the “power” of continuous creating happiness and joy. With the advanced technology from Panasonic Group, we’ll continue to provide high-quality products and services our customers love, actively collaborate with industrial, official and academic communities in Taiwan, to make contribution and fulfill our social responsibilities.

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