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Panasonic Taiwan, a member of the global Panasonic Group, was established in 1962. From the outset, we have recognized our responsibilities as industrialists, devoted ourselves to the progress and development of society and the well-being of people through our business activities, thereby enhancing quality of life throughout the world.

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Panasonic Taiwan Co., Ltd. (PTW)


579 Yuan-Shan Road, Chung-Ho District, New Taipei City, Taiwan

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Lin Yuan-Chuan


October 2, 1962

Capital Amount

NT$ 3422 million

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Panasonic in Taiwan providing goods and services across , home appliances, system equipment, FA, industrial devices ,eco Solution, interior reformation , Building construction and other lineup. We work hard to develop and tailor products appreciated and used from consumers to Entire Solutions and will continue to enrich life's myriad facets with proprietary technologies, reliable products and professional services.
Grounded in core values that entrust the company with a duty to advance public prosperity and welfare.

Since Panasonic inception , worked to fulfill its responsibility as a public entity of society in every aspect of its business. We Actively develop eco-friendly products, promotes the “ Eco Relay” activities, and participate regularly in a range of charitable events.

Panasonic Taiwan will strive to continue improving into the future. We are continuing with efforts to streamline production and logistics operations to make them as ‘green’ as possible. Also, we are dedicated to continuing our commitment to use the latest product and production technologies available to develop products that deliver exceptional value and enrich consumer lives. Panasonic Taiwan is committed to you, and will continue to earn your trust and confidence to achieve global excellence.

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