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Introducing our New Innovations & Products for 2017

Get a Premium Experience at Home

We are excited to introduce our new innovations and products for 2017, unveiled at Panasonic Convention, Frankfurt. Whether you’re looking for an incredible Hollywood cinema experience or professional beauty care, our new range of products are sure to bring you a premium experience at home.

Experience Style

Enjoy an at-home spa day, revitalise your skin or even trim your beard with our range of beauty and men’s grooming products! Get clean lines, a smooth shave and neat brows with our variety of shavers and trimmers. Use our hairdryer to dry, straighten or curl your hair and get silky legs, clear skin with our range of skin care products to leave you feeling amazing!

See the new Wet & Dry Epilator >   |  See the new Precision Trimmer >

Experience Safety

Take the stress away from going on holiday, leaving your pets at home during the day, or even allowing your newly-independent teenager home alone! Receive alerts to your mobile and check up on your home, wherever you are – at the touch of a button. 

See the new HD Monitoring Camera >

Experience Music

Elegant form, clear and dynamic sound, designed to meet the needs of today’s increasingly popular variety of high resolution sound sources. 

See the new Wireless HiFi System >   |  See the new Premium HiFi System >

Experience Hollywood

Tuned in Hollywood by professional filmmakers, our TVs bring the magic of Hollywood to you. See brighter colours and darker blacks, with outstanding clarity and contrast. Hear clearer sounds and feel the drama, action and excitement of Hollywood from your living room.

See the new 4KTVs >  |  See the new HTB488 Soundbar >

Experience Fresh

Fresh, fast, delicious food at the touch of a few buttons! Improve breakfast with fresh juice and homemade bread, enjoy home-cooked soup and frozen desserts. Grilling, steaming, and baking has never been easier! And who knew you could make a roast dinner for a whole family in a microwave?

See the new Grill Microwave Oven >

Photos from Panasonic Convention

Our annual Panasonic event exhibits our continued commitment to building innovative and integrated solutions for an even more comfortable, safe and enjoyable life. Each of the products on display has been designed and developed to support and enhance lives at home. 

We are also building cities - Smart Cities

Together with our strategic partners, we continue striving to develop better ways of living. Smart Cities such as Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town (FSST), Tsunashima SST and ‘Future Living Berlin’ are leading examples of how our innovation brings together future living concepts today. Energy solutions ranging from battery storage to solar technology and heat pumps enhance these cities and elsewhere, demonstrating new methods of energy creation, storage, management and efficiency.