Our Activities

On 5 June 2017 – World Environment Day – Panasonic announced its new Environment Vision for 2050.

Education for Everyone: from distance learning to safer environments on site. Panasonic’s provides state-of-the-art technology and hands-on support and donations for the academic world.

With decarbonisation of society at the forefront of our philosophy, we are proud to be involved in smart city projects worldwide. This page shows our proven excellence in smart city solutions –from security, energy, healthcare & wellbeing, mobility and connectivity.

In line with our 2050 Vision, Panasonic has introduced the concept of ‘Strategic Green Products’. These are products and services that accelerate the transition to a sustainable society. This page gives you an insight into some examples that are available in the UK and Ireland.

Panasonic UK is engrained in the local community in Berkshire. This is a result of continued activity and contribution to the area since establishing its HQ in Berkshire in 1972.

Panasonic is a company recognised for its sustainability, as shown here by the awards and recognition we have received over the years.