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LUMIX Camera Home


LUMIX Digital Cameras

Whether you are a photographer, videographer, or vlogger looking for killer content for your next inspirational story, the LUMIX digital camera range has the right tools for you to capture life's best, and yet fleeting, moments effortlessly – framing your inspiration into reality.

2021 marks 20 years since the launch of our LUMIX cameras. Join us in celebrating this milestone occasion and find out more about our imaging history.

The LUMIX S range has outstanding capabilities featuring high definition achieved with the newly-developed 35 mm full-frame image sensor and image processing engine.  With the S range, we have developed a Digital full frame mirrorless camera with a strong focus on both photos and videos.

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With 2018 marking 10-years in the market, our range of LUMIX G mirrorless compact system cameras represent cutting-edge photography for enthusiasts & professionals, with high sensitivity sensors creating exceptional quality still-shots and breath-taking video capabilities.

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The LUMIX is available with a range of lenses to produce top-quality portraits and scenic shots. For more practised photographers, camera zoom lenses for capturing long-distance shots, and wide-angle camera lens to capture a wealth of detail.

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LUMIX G lens range >

Premium Compact
LUMIX compact digital cameras are premium models that include many functions and features that normally found on more expensive models, including super zoom camera travel ability

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Travel Zoom & Bridge
The LUMIX range is based on digital bridge cameras, and travel zoom models that are both compact and powerful. Bridge cameras such as the LUMIX are the perfect solution for the semi-serious photographer. 

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Tough Cameras
The LUMIX range now includes specialist models that are both shockproof and waterproof cameras, but still have an EVF, 20MP high sensitivity sensor and 4K Video/4K Photo/Post Focus, so that you can get the perfect shot regardless of the conditions.

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LUMIX Pro Club
Specially tailored service programme for all levels of visual creatives that ensures your gear is ready to go when you need it

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LUMIX Ambassadors
Explore and discover LUMIX's unique style of photos & videos from talented professionals from around the world.

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LUMIX Experience
Capture, upload and share your images/videos with the brand new LUMIX Experience. Our site is a community where photography lovers of all levels can come get inspired and inspire others.

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