For Panasonic, decarbonising society is an important business goal. While we are making consumer electronics and home appliances more energy efficient and reducing their overall carbon footprint, we are developing climate-friendly heating solutions such as heat pumps, hydrogen fuel cell systems, and other energy solutions such as batteries and electronic components for e-mobility and other areas of society that help further reduce CO2 emissions.

Heat Pumps for Sustainability and Low-Energy Heating

With almost 80 per cent of domestic energy used for space heating and hot water production, heat pumps can make a significant impact on energy reduction and decarbonisation. Panasonic’s Aquarea heat pump technology captures up to 80% of the heat energy required from the ambient air and transfers it to create hot water in the residential sector, and commercial applications.

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Hydrogen Fuel Cells for a Cleaner Energy Transition

In Japan 2009, Panasonic became the first in the world to start selling residential fuel cells that generate power from hydrogen extracted from natural gas. Now offering 5 kW pure hydrogen fuel cell generators to commercial customers, the systems are expected to be used in commercial and public facilities, and more. Stacking these generators will also enable output scaling according to facility needs.

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Mobility Components for EVs, Hybrid Vehicles and Chargers

Miniaturisation, energy efficiency, electrification, safety and reliability - the specifications of today's automotive industry are extensive. However, the fact that ideas do not remain lip service, but ultimately make it to series production, is often a question of components such as relays, sensors, or capacitors, which are deep under the bonnet (or in the charging station!) are decisive in making new technology available, affordable and reliable.

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Relays, Sensors, Components and Thermal Interface Materials

All electrical systems consist of many smaller parts which require power to operate. Smart meters and intelligent power distribution systems by Panasonic promote less energy consumption and energy wastage, while relays, capacitors and other components can reduce power loss, power usage and increase the runtime and reliability of products.

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Decarbonising homes and cities.

For a more sustainable life, we need residential and commercial buildings with energy-efficient technologies that contribute to decarbonisation and thus to the energy transition. Learn here how Panasonic's solutions for existing and new buildings can help you save not only energy, but also costs.

Greener manufacturing.

Achieving net zero CO₂ emissions through own energy production with our unique pilot solution consisting of hydrogen fuel cells, battery storage and photovoltaic panels. See also how Panasonic avoids pollutants and builds-up a circular economy. Learn more about our sustainable manufacturing initiatives and solutions.

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