Aiming at Green Factories with Zero-CO2 Emissions

With the plan to decarbonise our own operations well underway, we are particularly focusing on increasing the number of zero-CO2 factories. Here, we aim for net zero CO2 emissions in the manufacturing of our products. Our goal is to increase the number of zero-CO2 factories from 7 in fiscal 2021, to 37 in fiscal 2025 and to all operating sites - including the around 250 factories globally – by 2030.

Whitepaper Greener Manufacturing

This Whitepaper „Greener Manufacturing' aims to invite for a discussion and for sharing of ideas for technical solutions how the production of goods can be decarbonised.

100% Renewable Energy Pilot Factory

Panasonic’s H2 KIBOU FIELD facility was built to demonstrate a renewable energy solution known as RE100 (Renewable Energy 100%), in which 100% of the power used for site operations is generated from renewable resources. The power system integrates and controls hydrogen fuel cell generators, photovoltaic generators, and storage batteries.

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Net Zero-CO2  Factories – from 7 to ca. 250 in less than a decade

The realisation of zero-CO2 emissions factories across the world by promoting our conventional energy-saving activities (e.g., switching to LED lighting), advanced energy-saving technologies and promoting the use of renewable energy; for example, by procuring electricity derived from 100% renewable energy sources. These efforts have steadily spread worldwide, and we now have zero-CO2 model factories in five regions across the globe.

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Material Recycling “Product to Product”

For more than 20 years, Panasonic has been developing recycling technology to obtain valuable materials out of appliances and incorporating them back into new products. Panasonic Eco Technology Center (PETEC) is engaged in reusing valuable natural resources to reduce waste and recycle under the slogan of "product to product.“

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Responsible Use of Chemical Substances

To protect the environment and its customers, Panasonic implemented its own management system for chemical substances concerning products, manufacturing and the supply chain.

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Decarbonising homes and cities.

For a more sustainable life, we need residential and commercial buildings with energy-efficient technologies that contribute to decarbonisation and thus to the energy transition. Learn here how Panasonic's solutions for existing and new buildings can help you save not only energy, but also costs.

Driving the net-zero transition.

The shift to electrified mobility is the next revolution in transportation, which we’re helping to power. Panasonic innovates to advance its battery technology and production capabilities. Learn more about our onboard chargers to battery management systems to motors and energy components for e-bikes.

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