Creating sustainable, modern and comfortable communties

Living the Life of Tomorrow, Today: Smart Projects by Panasonic

Living the Life of
Tomorrow, Today:
Smart Projects by Panasonic

Future Living® Berlin

Future Living Berlin 

Future Living® Berlin represents intergenerational living. Read more about the project and Panasonic's contribution.



Cities become communities when the inhabitants can help shape the development. Such as in the example of the Japanese small town Fujisawa.

City Now

City Now

Smart Mobility: In "City Now" the city of Denver is working with Panasonic to develop innovative mobility concepts.

Project Profile: Future Living® Berlin

Reasons to support Future Living® Berlin
Energy transition, social integration and demographic change - these are the challenges of today and tomorrow. They require innovative ideas. As an industrial company, Panasonic assumes responsibility and advocates for the progress and development of society.

Intelligent and independent: electricity & heating solutions
Panasonic’s photovoltaic panels create some of the green energy for the buildings. The Energy Management Software (EMS) by Panasonic allows for an intelligent management of the energy. The 17 highly efficient Panasonic Aquarea heat pumps powered by the solar panels deliver 100% carbon-neutral heat and domestic hot water.

Comfortable and sophisticated IoT solutions
Panasonic Smart TVs and Smart Speakers are an integral part of the digitalSTROM Smart Home System used by Future Living® Berlin. They build the visual and voice-activated interfaces within the smart home environment. If smoke detectors trigger an alarm, the smart home system alerts the tenant by sending, for example, a visual notification to the Panasonic TV.

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