Smart Cities & Homes

For Panasonic, the decarbonisation of society is a key business focus while also supporting the promise we make as a brand to contribute to people’s wellbeing. To help these efforts, Panasonic is actively involved in developing smart cities which provide green energy and sustainability, community services, mobility & digital infrastructure as well as healthcare and wellbeing. The benefits add up and overlap – but read more about our most recent use cases & technologies.

Whitepaper Smart Cities

This Whitepaper „Smart Cities" aims to invite discussion about possible approaches to the complex challenges of the transition of our cities to become Smarter Cities with a focus on Europe, and references to Panasonic proof of concept projects around the world.

Berlin: Social Inclusivity and Energy Efficiency

Panasonic’s technologies in Berlin deliver to both - green & sustainable as well as digital & connected living. Such sustainable living has been realised through Panasonic’s comprehensive and wholistic energy expertise through photovoltaic panels, combined with some storage batteries and air to water heat pumps for domestic hot water and space heating- all integrated into an intelligent energy system.

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Fujisawa SST: Panasonic’s First Urban Smart Town

Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town (FSST) opened on the site of a former Panasonic plant in Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, in 2014.
FSST is drawing attention the world over as a forerunner example of a smart city where community development is being promoted as a concerted effort between a Panasonic-led consortium of private companies, residents and government.

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Suita SST: 100% Renewable Energy & Generation Mix

Suita Sustainable Smart Town, inaugurated in April 2022, is located in a busy northern suburb of Osaka. The 23,000 square metre site - about the size of three football fields - is designed for multi-generational living with 362 residential units. The buildings are equipped with PV systems, storage batteries and fuel cell systems. Together with the State and the energy company, Kansai Electric Power, Suita is to be supplied with100% renewable energy.

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Net-Zero Production

Achieving net zero CO₂ emissions through own energy production with our unique pilot solution consisting of hydrogen fuel cells, battery storage and photovoltaic panels. See also how Panasonic avoids pollutants and builds-up a circular economy. Learn more about our sustainable manufacturing initiatives and solutions.

Driving the net-zero transition.

The shift to electrified mobility is the next revolution in transportation, which we’re helping to power. Panasonic innovates to advance its battery technology and production capabilities. Learn more about our onboard chargers to battery management systems to motors and energy components for e-bikes.

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