Creating The Future of Living Today The Smart City Quarter  - Future Living® Berlin

Creating The Future of Living Today
The Smart City Quarter  - Future Living® Berlin

The creation of ‘smart cities’ for better and more sustainable living is a key target for countries all over the world. Panasonic has decarbonisation of society at the forefront of its philosophy and we are proud to be involved Future Living® Berlin with our intelligent energy solutions and our connected consumer electronic appliances.

Smart. Sustainable. Socially Inclusive.

Future Living® Berlin is the first Smart City in the heart of Europe supported by Panasonic. It has been designed to achieve nearly CO2-free living for 90 households. Panasonic’s technologies in Berlin deliver to both - green & sustainable as well as digital & connected living. Such sustainable living has been realised through Panasonic’s comprehensive and wholistic energy expertise in the creation of energy through its extremely efficient photovoltaic (PV) HIT panels, combined with storage batteries  and its low energy consumption air to water heat pumps for domestic hot water and heating, all integrated into an intelligent energy management system developed by Panasonic.

Key Facts About Future Living® Berlin:

  • Occupies an area of 7,604m².
  • The Future Living® Berlin project owner is GSW Sigmaringen.
  • Embedded into Germany’s ‘next technology’ hub Berlin-Adlershof with 1,200 companies in close proximity.
  • Contains 90 residential units and 10 commercial units.
  • Celebrated its ground breaking ceremony in July 2017.
  • Installation of Panasonic’s HIT solar panel was completed July 2019, and heat pumps December 2019.A
Sustainable Green Energy

Sustainable Green Energy
90% of locally produced clean energy utilized by the city quarter by roof-top photovoltaic panels.

CO2-Reduced Heating

CO2-Reduced Heating
Space heating and domestic hot water has been optimized to operate almost CO2-free.

Smart Home Connectivity

Smart Home Connectivity
Using voice control or “apartment manager” software, in-home automation can be achieved.

The Energy Solution

According to Eurostat, approximately 80% of household energy is used for space and warm water heating – so the potential for carbon reduction is huge. This is why Panasonic’s primary focus for an efficient energy solution in this residential project was to look into the optimisation of heating for the apartments (space heating) and domestic hot water production.

Energy Numbers – At a Glance:

Panasonic Air-to-Water Heat Pumps: 17 units
Panasonic PV HIT panels: 600
PV System Capacity: 195 KW
Battery Storage Capacity: 156 KW
PV to heat pumps: 35% of 160 MWh
Direct usage: 90%
Smart Meter Units: 150

The German company, Polarstern, manages the energy (electricity and heat energy) and sells it directly to the residents in the buildings: Tenants achieve a price advantage of more than 15 percent, because of saving in network tariffs (German subsidy “Mieterstrom”).

The renewable energy is created using 600 Panasonic photovoltaic HIT panels. Such green energy used to run the Panasonic air-to-water heat pumps allows for an almost carbon-free production. The Panasonic solar panels supply a capacity of 195kWp. Due to its patented silicone technology, the photovoltaic system is 10% more efficient than conventional modules. Battery storage is another important aspect of Panasonic’s energy solution at Future Living® Berlin, as it stores some of the surplus energy for times when sunlight isn’t available to produce heat and to use the electricity for other appliances. The stored energy supports the balance between electricity generation and consumption, and contributes to a more environmentally-friendly and efficient energy use.

Smart Home System for Residents

Panasonic Smart TVs are an integral part of the digitalSTROM Smart Home System used at Future Living® Berlin. The TV and other devices in the apartment switch off when residents leave the apartment. While this is convenient for the tenant, it also saves energy and thereby reduces carbon emissions easily. Important notifications such as doorbells, severe weather warnings or fire alarms can also be output as a visual alert on the Panasonic TV – especially important for tenants with hearing disadvantages. Some of the functions are triggered automatically (lighting, smoke alarm in conjunction with speakers and TV) and some can be triggered via smart switches, voice control or the “apartment manager” software. The software offers an overview of the current state of the apartment, allows control of individual complex processes and shows alerts and warnings.

Smart Home System for Residents

The digital door access system “myPORT” from Schindler provides access to house and apartment doors using a chip card or an app. The system recognizes the residents via user profiles and automatically ensures barrier-free access (including the elevators). Cameras in front of house and apartment doors, in conjunction with the app or via temporary authorization via a guest code, allow access for third parties such as visitors or caregivers.


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