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How to choose the right size TV for your room

How to choose the right size TV for your room

How to choose the right TV size for you room

What size TV should we get?
It’s probably the most common question any new buyer asks before deciding on a new Panasonic television. For everyone that fears their next telly might overly dominate the living room, just as many worry that their final choice may prove too small.

When it comes to buying a new TV, one thing’s for certain: size matters. Read on, and we’ll tell you how to size your set just right.

Helpfully there’s a simple rule when it comes to 4k TV size and suggested viewing distances: the minimum ideal is generally thought to be x1.2 the screen size.

Remember that screen size refers to the diagonal measurement of a TV, as measured from the upper left hand corner of the screen down to the bottom right. So the calculated viewing distance for a 50-inch 4k UHD screen would be around 1.52m (60-inches or thereabouts).

To get an idea of the best suggested size of your next flatscreen, measure the distance from your comfy sofa to where you intend to park the set. If your seating is 1.52m approx. from your screen, look to buy at least a 50-inch screen; similarly 1.67m warrants at least a 55-inch model, 1.78m deserves a 58-inch model, 2m-ish 65-inch, and 2.29m a healthy 75-inch. Generally, it’s a good idea to round up.

Remember, this is ballpark advice, as every living room is different; few people will arrive at such exact measurements. Many of you might well be trying to fit a screen into a corner or dedicated space (in which case it might be easier to simply adjust your seating).

How to choose the right size TV for your room

When you upgrade your TV, there’s a very good chance you’ll trade up to a bigger screen than the one you’re replacing. The big trend is for larger screen sizes.

This is driven by several factors, including screen design and image quality. 4k UHD TVs have four times the pixel density of 1080p HD TVs, and picture frames and bezels have shrunk. You’ll probably be able to fit a new 50-inch model into the space once occupied by a chunky old 43-inch HD TV.

All large screen Panasonic TVs are 4k, and there’s plenty of native 4k content available from the likes of Netflix, Disney+ and Prime Video (to name just three streaming services). 4k Blu-rays offer superb picture quality too.

But to appreciate all this extra detail, you need to actually see it. There’s an inescapable relationship between perceived detail, viewing distance and screen size. Basically, the larger your 4k TV, the easier it is to see all the goodness 4k HDR programmes have to offer. 4k benefits big budget TV shows, movies, sports, and gaming.

Long story short: if you want an immersive home cinema experience, it makes sense to think big, but if practicality trumps size, that’s absolutely fine too. There’s a Panasonic TV to suit everyone.