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Air Fryer NF-CC600 with viewing window - 6L

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Crispy. Juicy. The food you love.

Savour the foods you love – healthier using little or no oil. All you need is a Panasonic Air Fryer – making it easier and healthier for you to prepare dishes that feed your inner well-being. The Viewing Window, 360° Air Flow and Gentle Steam Technologies make the difference. You have crispy, juicy results with your favourite comfort food – quickly and easily.
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Keep an eye on the cooking without ever opening the basket. And look forward to your favourite food.

The handy viewing window made of tempered glass and the LED light also help you save energy – you do not have to constantly open and close the basket, which causes heat to escape, and the LED light can be easily switched off.
Is it ready yet?

Gentle Steam Technology

Juicy & Crispy

Your favourite food – only better: tender and juicy on the inside, and crispy on the outside.

Water from the integrated tank is injected into the cavity to hydrate the food’s surface, especially perfect for chicken or fish. The steam also helps the hot air to conduct more heat and distribute it more evenly. For mouth-watering crispy, juicy meals the whole family will love.
The choice is yours: simply turn the Gentle Steam feature on or off manually using the “+ Water” button.
Juicy & Crispy

Water Tank

Form meets function when it comes to a Panasonic Air Fryer. The water tank holds 140ml of water – and is seamlessly integrated into the Air Fryer to create a stylish design. The water tank is also removable for easily adding water and cleaning.
Water Tank

Reliable preset menus & intuitive operation

Say goodbye to guessing. Simply choose one of the 11 preset menus at a touch of the colourful, easy icons on the LED panel: Fries, Chicken, Fish, Seafood, Steaks, Sausages, Veggies, Potatoes, Pizza, Cake and Toast. If you like, you can customise operation by setting your own temperature and time – ranging from 1 to 60 minutes, and 80°C to 200°C.
Reliable preset menus & intuitive operation

360° Air Flow Technology

Panasonic Air Fryers feature both top and bottom heating and an effective fan. Together, they provide 360° heating for uniform cooking and all-round crispiness – quickly, with less turning or shaking needed. The hot air technology penetrates the food to force out excess fat, so you can enjoy low-fat, healthy cooking.
360° Air Flow Technology

Healthier frying with little to no oil

You enjoy many benefits with a Panasonic Air Fryer. Like saving energy, by not having to turn on a big oven, and getting crispy, juicy results with your favourite foods. Most of all, your meals are healthier, as you need little to no oil for cripsy results and the teflon-coated plate allows excess oil to drip away from the food into the basket. This also ensures your home does not smell like grease.
Healthier frying with little to no oil

Easy cleaning

When the cooking is easy, the cleaning should be easy too. Which is why Panasonic Air Fryers have been designed with a non-stick coating and removable parts. The teflon-coated plate is dishwasher safe – while you can simply rinse the basket using mild detergent and water. So your Air Fryer can always be ready whenever you need it.
Easy cleaning

Lots of cooking capacity

For singles, couples and small families – regardless of the size of your household, a Panasonic Air Fryer is the perfect choice. The 6-litre capacity lets you air-fry a big portion of fries or a whole chicken. This also gives you more flexibility for any cooking need today and in the future.
Lots of cooking capacity

Minimalistic, modern design

Whether on or off, the design of your Panasonic Air Fryer is a pleasure to use and see in your kitchen. The friendly dark blue of the CC600, with rose-gold handle and sleek black front and top, makes an impressive impression. Along with the digital LED panel featuring back-lit icons.
Minimalistic, modern design

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Photo of Air Fryer NF-CC600 with viewing window - 6L
  • 6L6L
  • Viewing WindowViewing Window
  • Gentle SteamGentle Steam
  • 360° Air Flow360° Air Flow
  • 11 Preset Menus11 Preset Menus
  • Fat RemovalFat Removal
  • Easy CleaningEasy Cleaning

Viewing Window with light

Gentle Steam Technology for juicy and crispy results

360° Air Flow Technology

11 pre-set auto menus

80–200°C (Top / Bottom heating)

1,450 W for Lower Energy Consumption


  • Model number

    • NF-CC600AXC
  • Colour

    • Black, Rose Gold (handle), Dark Blue on the sides
  • Display

    • LCD (white font)
  • Time / Temperature selection

    • Electronic / Touch
  • Capacity

    • 6L


  • Menus

    • 11 practical presets:
      Chicken, Fish, Seafood, Steaks, Sausages, Vegetables, Potatoes, Pizza, Cakes, French fries, Toast


  • Wattage

    • 1,450 W
  • Temperature

    • 80-200°C
  • Heating element

    • Top and Bottom
  • 360° high-speed air circulation

    • Yes
  • Steam inlet (Gentle Steam)

    • Yes


  • Voltage frequency

    • 220-240V / 50Hz
  • Basket coating

    • Non-stick
  • Interior lighting

    • Yes, can be activated optionally
  • Control panel

    • Touch (coloured icons)
  • Water Tank for steam inlet

    • Yes, on the back (140 ml)
  • Viewing window

    • Yes
  • Easy Cleaning

    • Yes
  • Dishwasher Safe

    • Fat removal plate can be put in the dishwasher


  • Dimensions W* H* D (mm)

    • 267 x 355 x 357
  • Dimensions cooking basket W*H* D (mm)

    • 226.8 x 144 x 226.8
  • Net weight

    • Ca. 5.4 Kg
  • Box dimensions W * H* D (mm) and gross weight

    • 325 x 415 x 420 and 7.2 Kg


Photo of Air Fryer NF-CC600 with viewing window - 6L

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