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Croustina - Hard-Crust Breadmaker SD-ZP2000

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Crusty. Tasty. Homemade.

Croustina will delight the bread Iover in you. lts special touch? The most delicious hard crust you can make and savour at home. With Croustina you can bake all kinds of tasty bread in a wonderfully artisan-style oval shape. Healthy options Iook after you and your family and special programmes for pizza dough, jam and cake allow you to be truly creative.
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Your Bread, Your Choice

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to enjoy delicious homemade bread every day – exactly as you like it and with a delectable hard crust? With Croustina you can make so many types of bread at the touch of a button. Set your imagination free to create anything from healthy protein bread, polenta crust to turmeric cashew loaf ... and so much more! You decide on the ingredients, for healthy, tasty moments.
Your Bread, Your Choice

Revolutionary Homemade

Bring the bakery to the kitchen with Croustina. Now you can create delicious crusty bread in a perfect oval shape. Innovative technology makes it possible, with the baking process fine-tuned to perfection.
Revolutionary Homemade Crust

The Secret Behind the Crust

Croustina holds the secret to an irresistible, crispy aromatic crust. Oven-like heat is achieved by its innovative, newly designed baking structure and heat-reflecting inside Iid. Your bread is baked to crusty perfection – consistently.
The Secret Behind the Crust

Food Allergy Friendly

Croustina means freedom when it comes to gluten intolerance or food allergies, with specially engineered programmes for perfect gluten-free bread and cake results. As you choose your ingredients, you can leave out allergens. Now you can bake delicious foods, while looking after the well-being of you and your family.
Food Allergy Friendly

A World of Possibilities for the Foodie in You

Croustina takes your imagination to new Ievels. Feel inspired to experiment with all types of bread, such as polenta bread with sun-dried tomatoes and olives. You can also enjoy making cakes, jams and pizza dough, for a variety of tastes and experiences.
A World of Possibilities for the Foodie in You

The Taste of Variety

lf you can imagine it, you can make it. Croustina allows you to get creative with perfect results. Pour in your ingredients, then select from the variety of 18 programmes. Your ideal bread will bake at just the touch of a button, from crusty wholewheat to soft brioche. For soft bread, choose your loaf size and even the shade if you prefer lighter or darker crusts. Then why not create delicious cake, jam or pizza dough? lt's all possible, including gluten-free options.
The Taste of Variety

Temperature Sensors for Perfect Baking Results

Perfect bread requires the perfect temperature. Croustina ensures a consistent bake every time, with not one but two sensors. By tracking both internal and external temperature, the programme adjusts and optimises at every step. Deciding when and for how long to rest, knead, rise, ferment and bake. Whatever the climate conditions, you enjoy the same tasty results.
Temperature Sensors for Perfect Baking Results

Ready When You Are

For now ... or later. Croustina's simple programmable timer allows you to decide when your bread will be ready – up to 13 hours in advance. For breakfast, dinner or your afternoon picnic. The choice is yours.
Ready When You Are

Designed to Perfection

Making bread has never looked better. Complement your kitchen with the modern, elegant design of Croustina, the bread maker combining style and innovation – inspired by Japan and Europe.
Designed to Perfection

The Panasonic Kitchen

We LOVE food, and you’re here so we guess that you do, too! We aim to provide you with a variety of delicious options to cater to what you’re in the mood for!
Our recipes are tailored to provide the best results when using Panasonic kitchen appliances, but they can be adapted to utilise whatever is in your kitchen.
Enjoy browsing, cooking and, most importantly, eating!
The Panasonic Kitchen

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Photo of Croustina - Hard-Crust Breadmaker SD-ZP2000

Size and Weight


Hard-Crust Breadmaker

Oval-Shaped Bread Pan with Scratch-Resistant Ceramic Coating

Temperature Sensors & Digital Timer

Variety of Programmes for Hard-Crust Bread, Soft Bread, Cake, Pizza Dough, Jam and Gluten-Free Bread and Cake


  • -K(Black)

Product Size - width (approx. mm)

  • 273

Product Size - height (approx. mm)

  • 340

Product Size - depth (

  • 404

Product Weight (kg)

  • 7

Main Material

  • PP

Rated Voltage

  • 230-240V


  • 50Hz

Rated Power Consumption

  • 645-700W

Power Failure Function

  • 10 mins.

Bread Pan Size - width (approx. mm)

  • 162.8

Bread Pan Size - height (approx. mm)

  • 156

Bread Pan Size - depth (approx. mm)

  • 202.8

Bread Pan Coating

  • Ceramic

Kneading Blade

  • Unique for ZP2000

Kneading Blade Coating

  • Ceramic

Power Cord Length (approx. cm)

  • 90cm

Power Cord Colour

  • Black


  • LCD(No backlight)

Language of Control Panel

  • Icon/Pictogram only

Language of Menu Printed on Unit

  • English

Yeast Dispenser

  • No

Raisin/Nuts Dispenser

  • No


  • Yes (Max. 13 hrs.)

Size Selection

  • 2 size(Soft Bread only)

Crust Colour Selection

  • Light, Medium (Soft ,Soft Rapid,Soft Raisin,Soft Raisin Rapid ,Brioche)

Kneading Selection

  • "Raisin"(White, Whole Wheat, Lean, Soft)
    "Stuffed" (White)

No. of Menu

  • 18

Menu List

  • Hard Crust Bake: White, White Raisin, White Stuffed, Whole Wheat, Whole Wheat Raisin, Lean, Lean Raisin
    Bake: Soft , Soft Rapid , Soft Raisin , Soft Raisin Rapid , Brioche, Bake Only
    Gluten Free: Gluten Free Bread, Gluten Free Cake
    Others: Bread Dough, Pizza Dough, Jam

Target Bread Size [white]-width(approx. mm)

  • 150

Target Bread Size [white]-height(approx. mm)

  • 110

Target Bread Size [white]-depth(approx. mm)

  • 190


  • Measuring spoon, cup


  • Package

    • Offset colour printing
  • Package Size - width (approx. cm)

    • 45
  • Package Size - height (approx. cm)

    • 38
  • Package Size - depth (approx. cm)

    • 32
  • Gorss Weight (approx. kg)

    • 8
  • Remarks about packaging

    • Carton box size and weight differ depend on atomosphere (ex: humidity). Therefore, specify in cm and kg.
  • OI Language

    • English


Photo of Croustina - Hard-Crust Breadmaker SD-ZP2000

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