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Photo of LDRHV4W40WG10 PROFI LED GU10 230V 4.3W=35W 270lm 36D 4000K 40H

LDRHV4W40WG10 PROFI LED GU10 230V 4.3W=35W 270lm 36D 4000K 40H

Energy Saving Nominal and rated lamp luminous flux in lumen (lm) 270
Nominal and rated lamp Wattage Consumption (W) 4.3
Wattage Incandescent Equivalent (W) 35
Energy Saving Compared to Incandescent (%) 87.71
EU label Energy Rating A+
Efficiency Lumen per Watt (lm/W) 62.79
Color Quality Color Type Cool White
Color Temperature in Kelvin (K) 4000
Color Rendering index (Ra) 80
Dimensions Light Bulb Diameter (mm) 50
Light Bulb Weight (g) 45
Base Socket GU10
Light Bulb Length (mm) 55
M3 volume (m3) LxWxH 0.0003
Gross Weight (Kg) 0.078
Net Weight (Kg) 0.045
Technical Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Input Voltage (V) 220-240
Input current (A) 0.03
Dimmable No
Luminous intensity [cd] at 35˚ angle 650
Luminous intensity [cd] at 24˚ angle N/A
Light Angle (degrees) 36
Lamp Power Factor >0.5
Spectral power distribution in the range 180-800 nm See Graphic
Color Consistency 6 SDCM
Lifetime Nominal and rated lamp lifetime in hours (h) 40,000
Lifetime in years (at 2.7 hours average usage per day) 40
Lumen Maintenance Factor at the end of nominal life 70
Quickstart Light Quick Start (lm) 0.1sec/100%
Time to reach 60% of light output (sec) Instant Full Light
Starting Time (sec) 0.1
Durability Operating Temperature (degrees celsius) 0 - 40
Number of Switching Cycles before premature lamp failure 100,000
Ballast/Transformer Built in
Ambient temperature at which the lamp was designed to maximise its luminous flux [°C] 25
Environmental lamp mercury content [mg] 0
CE Mark Yes
Ordering Master Carton of 10 units EAN Code 15025232765260
Individual EAN Code 5025232765263
Bulbs Pcs / outer Carton Box 10
Minimum Bulb order Qty (individual carton box) 1
Caution Recommendations for disposal at end of lifetime See Recommendations section
Recommendations in case of breakge or lamp debris See Recommendations section

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