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31 L Inverter Combination Microwave Oven NN-CF87LBBPQ

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3-in-1 Combination Oven

31 L Inverter Combination Microwave Oven with a flatbed design for cooking on two levels.
With versatile settings and three cooking functions, this combination oven is the perfect kitchen companion. An attractive design that’s easy to clean.
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3-in-1 Combination Oven

Easily prepare all kinds of meals for your family using convection, grill or microwave power. Bake a home-made pizza or roast chicken to perfection, your culinary imagination has no limits with this Combination Oven. It gives you all you need in one fully featured and stylish home appliance.
3-in-1 Combination Oven


Save valuable time! Dishes are cooked up to 40% faster than traditional methods thanks to Inverter Technology.
Up to three functions can be used simultaneously for quicker, better results – there are 9 pre-set Combi settings to choose from. For example, conjure up delicious lasagne using convection, grill and microwave power at the same time.

Dual Level Cooking

The more capacity you have, the more you can cook in one go. With a large 31 litre capacity and a flatbed design there's more added space to easily prepare meals for the entire family. Cooking on two levels gives you even more flexibility, and most dish types can be accommodated, even large and rectangular cookware.
Dual Level Cooking

Easy Reheating

Do you always know how long it takes to reheat your dishes? Now there’s no need for guessing, as the Genius Sensor automatically calculates the optimal heating time. Just press the Auto Reheat button, sit back and relax. You’ll get the best reheating results, with no over or undercooking.
Easy Reheating

32 Auto Programmes

Enjoy easy cooking thanks to 32 Auto programmes, includes Chaos Defrost, Auto Cook, Junior Menu, Auto Reheating, Re-bake Bread and much more. Roast an entire chicken, prepare jacket potatoes or even bake a cake. Select your desired programme and the display gives you all the instructions you need.
32 Auto Programmes

Easy to Clean

Cleaning is effortless with a single wipe, because the grill heater is cleverly integrated into the cavity, the oven interior is stainless steel and the flatbed does not feature a turntable. The outside is free of buttons or knobs, also making cleaning quick.
Easy to Clean

Sleek and Minimalistic Design

Upgrade your kitchen with the Panasonic Combination Oven featuring a sleek design that seamlessly blends into any interior décor. The frameless drop-down glass door, stainless steel body, touch control panel and LCD display add a premium and modern style to your kitchen. The minimalistic design means it can be placed virtually anywhere.
Sleek and Minimalistic Design

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Photo of 31 L Inverter Combination Microwave Oven NN-CF87LBBPQ

Size and Weight


Capacity: 31L

Convection 30-230°C, 1300 W Flat Grill and 1000 W Microwave Power

32 Auto Programmes

9 Combi Cooking Options

2-Level Cooking (Flatbed Design)

Included accessories: enamel shelf, wire shelf and glass tray


  • Oven Capacity

    • 31L
  • Inverter

    • Yes
  • Microwave Power

    • 1000W
  • Grill Power

    • Flat 1300W
  • Fan Assisted Convection Oven

    • 30-230 °C
      (30-60°C:no preheat, 70-230°C:need preheat)
  • Microwave Power Levels

    • 7 (1000W/ 800W/ 270W/ 600W/
      440W/ 300W/ 100W)
  • Grill Power Levels

    • 3 (1- High / 2 -Medium / 3 - Low)
  • Combi settings

    • 9 Patterns
      1. conv(230℃)+grill(1-high)+MW(simmer-300W) -(9hrs)
      2. conv(230℃)+grill(2-med)+MW(simmer-300W) -(9hrs)
      3. conv(230℃)+grill(2-med)+MW(warm-100W) - (9hrs)
      4. conv(220℃)+grill(1-high)+MW(simmer-300W) -(9hrs)
      5. conv(200℃)+grill(1-high)+MW(warm-100W) - (9hrs)
      6. conv(220℃)+MW(simmer-300W) - (9hrs)
      7. conv(190℃)+MW(simmer-300W) - (9hrs)
      8. conv(160℃)+MW(warm-100W) - (9hrs)
      9.conv(230℃)+ grill(1-high) - (9hrs)
  • Auto Programs

    • 32
  • Turntable Size

    • Flat
  • Interior

    • Stainless Steel
  • Body

    • PET(SUS look)
  • Door Screen

    • Smoked Glass
  • LCD Display

    • White LED
  • Control Panel

    • Static touch
  • Interior Dimensions W x D x H

    • 410 x 320 x 240
  • Exterior Dimensions W x D x H

    • 500x 437(480)* x 391
      *480 isincluding handle


  • Turntable (Round Glass Tray)

    • -
  • Round Wire Rack

    • -
  • Round Enamel Tray

    • -
  • Square Enamel Shelf

    • Yes
  • Square Wire Shelf

    • Yes
  • Glass Shelf

    • -
  • Glass Tray

    • Yes
  • Square Glass Dish

    • -
  • Anti Spark Ring

    • -
  • Round Panacrunch Pan

    • -

Key Features

  • Auto Guide

    • -
  • Chaos/Turbo Defrost

    • Yes
  • Turbo Bake

    • Yes (6pattern:combination 1,2,4,6,7)
  • Turbo Cook

    • Yes (6pattern:combination 1,2,4,6,7)
  • Turbo Reheat

    • -
  • Sensor Cook

    • Yes
  • 2 Level Cooking

    • Yes
  • Demo Mode

    • Yes
  • Child Lock

    • Yes
  • Memory

    • -
  • Catalytic Cleaning

    • -
  • Enegy Saving Mode

    • -
  • Junior Menu

    • Yes
  • White LCD

    • Yes
  • Quick 30

    • -
  • Add Time

    • Yes

Trim Kit

  • Model No.

    • TBC


  • Net weight (kg)

    • 20.2kg
  • Gross weight (kg)

    • 27.2kg


  • Carton box dimensions (m3)

    • 0.2014
  • width x Depth x height (mm)

    • 615mm (W) x 590mm (D) x 555mm (H)


  • Standby Mode

    • 0.8W TBC
  • Noise Level

    • 60dB TBC



Photo of 31 L Inverter Combination Microwave Oven NN-CF87LBBPQ

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