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The Evolution of Light - Panasonic LED

The Evolution of Light - Panasonic LED

Panasonic LED bulbs can save you up to 89% energy when compared with halogen or incandescent. They also last 25 times longer and therefore don't need replacing constantly. Check out the video below for how one of our customers started saving straight away.

Jacqui's Story

Jacqui from Hertfordshire had 15 halogen bulbs lighting her kitchen, costing over £109 per year.

“As a mother of two and regular entertainers of friends we use the lighting in our kitchen more than any other room in the house, sometimes up to 8 hours per day. We were keen to save money but have found there always seems to be a compromise on some aspect of quality. When we heard about the Panasonic LED’s with the money back guarantee we felt comfortable to try them out. After replacing all 15 bulbs we couldn’t tell the difference from our original lights and should save around £90 per year and get our money back in less than two. We are now looking at other rooms in the house so we can save even more”.

The 2nd biggest contributor to your electricity consumption

According to the Energy Savings Trust, only kitchen appliances account for more than lighting, on your energy bill. Every room in your house has some type of lighting and with an average UK home containing 34 bulbs, there is a lot of opportunity to save.

Why not try our savings calculator below to see how much you could save by switching to Panasonic LED?

Buy Panasonic LED bulbs

Find out how much you can save with Panasonic LED bulbs

How much can you save?

Panasonic LED lighting could save you money. Try using our savings calculator below for a saving specific to you.

Find out how much you can save with Panasonic LED bulbs

Total Cost of Ownership

LED technology requires an upfront investment but will pay itself back in energy savings in under 2 years*. In addition, the long life time means you won’t need to buy a replacement for over 15 years.*

*Based on an average use of 4 hours per day and using an average cost of electricity of 0.1429 kw/h

Jason's Story

Jason from Berkshire had thirty 50W halogen bulbs lighting his kitchen, costing a massive £312 per year*. “My wife and I love our home and spend most of the time in the kitchen where we prepare the food and entertain our friends and family, it is also where my daughters read and complete their homework, so the light levels have to be right. With the cost of energy going up all the time we were on the look out on how to save money at home. Then we heard that Panasonic had launched a range of bulbs, which were able to save energy. Swapping them was easy and the light was fantastic, we couldn’t tell the difference between the LED’s and halogen and best of all we should save around £269 per year on our energy bill.”

Buy Panasonic LED bulbs
Find out how much you can save with Panasonic LED bulbs

Customer Reviews

Panasonic LED bulbs recreate the same look and feel as halogen or incandescent and unlike certain other types of lighting they don't contain hazardous materials like Mercury. But don't just take our word for it, see what our customers and the professionals had to say:

Who's forgotten to turn the light off?

How many times a month you ask your family to remember to turn off the lights? How about 89% energy savings to ease your mind. If you’re worried about how long your lights are on when you’re not there, switching to Panasonic LED could save you all that stress…… and a small fortune.

Buy Panasonic LED bulbs
Find out how much you can save with Panasonic LED bulbs

How do I keep the energy bills low?

We’re all frustrated by rising energy bills, especially when measures to save can cost into the thousands. That’s why we have engineered a bulb to save you up to 89% energy that costs less than 2 cinema tickets.

Keeping all the rooms bright

Family scattered around the house watching TV, playing on the computer, cooking the dinner and studying. Sound familiar? The amount of energy used by your lighting is four times more when your family is in different rooms. If you could save up to 89% of that energy, wouldn’t you want to? Panasonic’s LED range saves just that amount when compared with halogen. Try our energy savings calculator now to see how much you could save.

Buy Panasonic LED bulbs
Find out how much you can save with Panasonic LED bulbs

LED Lighting FAQs


What are LEDs?

LEDs or Light Emitting Diodes contain a semiconductor that emits light when voltage is passed through it. Many industries have been using LED’s for years for example the red lights you see on dashboards because of their inherent capabilities.


What are the advantages of LED lighting?

Panasonic LED light bulbs save up to 89% energy which means savings on your energy bill. In addition they last 25 times longer than halogen and incandescent bulbs so you won’t need to replace them constantly, saving you time and money.


Will the light be different from our current halogen bulbs?

Panasonic have specifically created a bulb with a warm soft colour, which will replace your Halogen bulb with little or no visual difference.


What’s the difference between GU5.3 and MR16?

There is a common misconception at work here. MR16 is the shape of the lamp and GU5.3 refers to the connectors. This bulb runs off a transformer and lower voltage compared with the similar but different GU10. Panasonic GU5.3 LED’s are suitable in a 12 volt system.


Do LED’s require special fittings?

LED’s will fit straight into your current lighting fixtures so there are no changes required.


Do LED’s contain hazardous materials?

Panasonic LED bulbs don’t contain any mercury unlike some CFL’s, which means they are better for the environment.

Award Winning LED Lighting

Panasonic's unique LED bulb replicates the look and feel of a traditional incandescent bulb. We are proud to have won these design awards, a sign of our commitment to bringing you energy savings with no compromises.

75 Years of Lighting Heritage

Whilst you know us as a leading company in the TV and camera markets we have been making lighting for over 75 years, so you can relax in our safe hands.

BUY NOW - 28 Day Money Back Guarantee with Panasonic LED Lights

Buy in confidence with our 28 day money back guarantee. Exclusively available from our eShop. Click below to buy now.

Buy Panasonic LED bulbs

*According to a survey conducted by the Energy Savings Trust (Powering the Nation, June 2012)
**Offer available exclusively from

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