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How To Manscape

How to manscape

Are you trimming and grooming like a pro? Or are you looking a little rough and unready? Panasonic has all the tools you need to transform your manscaping approach.  

How To Manscape

What is manscaping?

Manscaping. It’s a fairly new word in our urban vocabulary. And if you haven’t heard it before, it can seem a little strange or even intimidating. But although manscaping is a modern term, the principle behind it is one that well-groomed men have always followed. Manscaping simply means keeping yourself, particularly the hair on your face, head, and body in good order. Staying trimmed, fresh, and smelling great. A great manscaping routine will leave you feeling confident, clean, and ready for anything whether you’re heading to an interview, a date or a night on the town with the guys.

Choosing the right trimmer or shaver

Good manscaping starts with choosing the right tools. This might depend on whether you’re focused on facial, head or body hair, and whether you choose to shave wet or dry. If you are choosing a trimmer specifically with manscaping under your clothes in mind, you should look for a model that is specialised to tackle body hair or one that comes with a dedicated body hair attachment. The Panasonic ER-GB52 Beard and Body Trimmer offers the best of all worlds, with cordless wet and dry operation alongside attachments for the face and body. The body attachment has been carefully designed to tackle sensitive and hard to reach spots. So, you can keep your manscape looking great, wherever your difficult areas lie.    

What Is Manscaping?

The power of the shaving sensor

When it comes to tackling your stubble or beard, you want a shaver that harnesses the latest technology to provide the most intelligent shave possible. The Panasonic ES-LV95 Rechargeable Shaver uses an innovative shaving sensor system to determine beard density and adjust power to provide the right cut in the right place. Not only does this give you a smooth and clean cut, it also protects your skin in the areas where it is most sensitive. Don’t settle for anything less than the smartest shaver around.

Discover your manscape style

Not every man will share the same approach to manscaping. It really does depend on your personal style and approach to body and facial hair. Remember that your manscaping is an expression of who you are. You need to decide on a look that leaves you feeling at your best while also feeling natural. You also need to choose a routine that fits into a realistic maintenance schedule. Look at images online or at guys around you to find inspiration - but don’t be afraid to create a fresh look that is all your own.  

Discover Your Manscape Style

The rules of manscaping

Even if you have decided that it’s time for some serious manscaping, you don’t want to dive in with your trimmers or shaver without learning the basics. Like any type of hair removal or maintenance, you need to develop routines that protect and promote healthy skin. It’s always a good idea to manscape during or just after a warm bath or shower, when skin is moist and supple. It’s also much easier to trim or shave after exfoliation, so give warm skin a gentle scrub to remove dead skin cells. This will help your trimmer, shaver or razor move more smoothly over an area. Finally, if you have an area of body or facial hair that you have left to run wild for far too long, tackle it with scissors before trimming or shaving. This will create an easier area to work with and lead to better and more uniform results.

The Rules of Manscaping

The devils in the detailing

When it comes to manscaping, it pays to sweat the small stuff. And keeping on top of the small details will give you a much cleaner and sleeker look. Those stray nose hairs, ear hairs, untidy eyebrows, and other rogue areas of fuzz can undermine even the most valiant of manscaping efforts, so take care not to overlook them. The Panasonic ER-GN30 Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer is designed for those small problem areas that need dedicated attention. With useful wet and dry functionality, and an easy-to-use, dual-edge blade, it can have you looking sharp and sleek in just a few minutes.

The Devils in The Detailing

Use products to enhance your manscaping

Are you a trim and go kind of a guy? You could be missing a trick. Manscaping isn’t just about eliminating unwanted fuzz. It’s also about feeling fresh and smelling great. One of the best ways to do this is to use facial and body products to enhance your manscaping experience. This could be your favourite oatmeal face scrub and sandalwood beard oil or an intensive moisturiser to enhance the softness of your skin. Think scented products are just for girls? Think again. A subtle touch of a masculine scent can enhance your grooming from good to amazing. Not only will you feel more confident, you’ll find that others notice you for all the right reasons.

Panasonic has everything you need to manscape in style. Find grooming tips and articles on our website or explore our online store for all the accessories you need to get your body and facial hair under control. Is it time you got serious about manscaping?