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Premium Shaver: Where tradition meets high-tech

Premium Shaver: Where tradition meets high-tech


Experience Panasonic’s new generation of shavers and trimmers, which combine traditional blades with high tech modern features. The super sharp 30º blades provide an incredibly smooth and close shave. The razors also facilitate a faster shave, which easily slide along the skin thanks to the smart technology.


Japanese metalwork is renowned worldwide due to the quality and tradition of its swords. Samurai swords, the Katanas, are the flagship of this tradition. Panasonic has combined this ancient craft with state-of-the-art technology. The result: ultra-sharp, indestructible Japanese razors made from the prestigious Yasuki-Hagane stainless steel. Thus an entire new generation of Panasonic shavers provides an unforgettable precise shave. To sum up, they represent the same brand and quality as that of Japanese blade technology.


Forging and rolling makes steel a stronger and more flexible material.


The application of high temperatures and a controlled cooling process increases the hardness, durability and strength.


A precise sharpening produces a smooth sharp blade, which provides an excellent level of precision.

The Tests

Rigorous tests are carried out in order to ensure that all the blades comply with the strictest quality standards.

Features of the Panasonic shaver


The more acute the sharpening angle, the sharper the blade. The 30º blades, together with nanometric grinding, make Panasonic’s electric shaver one of the sharpest available on the market. It enables an incredibly close and smooth shave, even with thick facial hair.

The curved blade adapts perfectly to facial contours and provides a perfect shave in hard-to-reach areas such as the neck or the chin.


All linear motor Panasonic shavers have an innovative beard density sensor. The sensor identifies the density of the beard and the areas that have already been shaved. The vibrations of the blade adapt to the various levels of density in the beard, boosting power where your beard growth is heavy and reducing power where it is thin. This reduces the burden on your skin and minimises skin irritation, while providing optimal shaving results.
Panasonic shavers with sliding rollers are ideal for sensitive skin, since they move smoothly and provide a unique, comfortable and pleasant shave.


All Panasonic shavers can be used dry or wet with gel or shaving foam. This will provide the greatest flexibility and a first class delicate shave for sensitive skin. Given that the shavers are water-proof, they can be cleaned quickly and easily with liquid soap and running water.


Panasonic electric shavers provide 100% maximum performance, regardless of whether the battery is fully charged or not. Not even the thickest beard can stop a linear motor. The blades receive up to 14,000 vibrations per minute. The five models of blades reach the impressive figure of 70,000 (14,000 x 5) trimming movements to offer an excellent shaving result.


The 5-compartment blade system is structured in three layers. The shaving blade for, together with the trimming blade, ensure access to the most difficult areas. The technology allows the shavers to perform a quick and thorough shave, cutting a greater amount of hair per movement while being delicate to the skin.

ES-LT dry/wet Premium shaver

ES-LT dry/wet Premium shaver

The ES-LT2N shaver is ultra-flexible, powerful and sharp. Equipped with the latest 3D shaving head technology, the ES-LT2N is more flexible than ever.

ES-LV dry/wet Premium shaver

For a unique, smooth and close shave: ES-LV95 and ES-LV65 are the perfect solution, with a 5-layer system, ultra-flexible 3D head and beard density sensor, they provide a smooth and complete shave. Thanks to the gentle sliding rollers, they adapt more delicately to the contours of the face and offer the advantage of the best Japanese sharpening technology.

Traditional Japanese sharpening technology

Panasonic’s exclusive sharpening technology perpetuates a thousand-year-old tradition and represents the ongoing evolution of Japanese sword smith craftsmanship. The durable blade, made in traditional Japanese Yasukihagane steel, is now even more resistant and flexible thanks to its tempering in a kiln and its further forging with a hammer. Discover the original technology of Panasonic shavers.

Premium Shaver: Where tradition meets high-tech

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