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Wet & Dry Shaver

A Guide to Wet & Dry Shaving

Wet & dry shavers can transform how you shave, optimising your grooming routine and giving you the freedom to experiment with different styles.

Wet and dry shaver

Shaving is probably a big part of your grooming routine. Whether you choose a full beard, close shave or something in-between you are likely to be grabbing your trimmer or razor on a regular basis. But are you getting the best from your shaving experience?

Using a wet & dry shaver is one of the easiest ways to cut down on your bathroom time and improve the look and feel of your shave. In our guide, we look at the benefits of wet and dry shavers, tips to help you optimise your shaving experience and explore one of our favourite wet and dry models.

What is a Wet and Dry Shaver?

Wet and Dry Shavers are next generation shavers that give you the flexibility of wet or dry operation. Use with foam or gel for a smooth, clean shave or dry for a fast stubble tidy up on the run. Often wet and dry shavers come complete with a separate trimming attachment to allow you to style and tidy. Versatile, speedy and sensitive on skin – wet and dry shavers are the future of shaving. The waterproof design also means you can clean and maintain them easily.

Why Should I Choose a Wet and Dry Shaver?

These are just a few of the benefits of wet and dry shavers:

• They are flexible and a great option for most stubble based and clean shaven styles.

• They are hygienic and safe to wash in water.

• They provide an incredibly close, safe shave.

• They are a great option for sensitive skin.

• They allow you to shave in the shower or on the go.

How to Achieve the Perfect Shave

It’s surprising how many men are shaving every day with poor technique. A proper understanding of good shaving can help you create a sharper finish and prevent common skin and beard problems.

Follow the simple tips below to achieve the perfect wet or dry shave every time. 

Wet and dry shaver

Choose the right shaver

The right tools are essential to a good shave. A cheap, unclean or dirty razor or shaver will do a poor job and probably leave your skin in bad shape. We recommend a wet or dry shaver with foil blades. This will stand up to regular shaving, keep delicate skin protected and be very easy to keep clean. One of our favourites is the Panasonic 3 Blade ES-RT37 which we look at in a little more detail below. 

Prepare your skin

A dry shave will take minimal prep – just make sure your beard or stubble is clean and dry. For a wet shave, it’s worth taking a little more time to get things right. An exfoliating product can help to prevent ingrown hairs and slough off dead skin, dirt, and dust.

It’s helpful to warm the skin prior to applying a shaving foam or gel. This softens the hairs and allows for a closer, easier shaving experience. You can do this with a warm flannel or by using warm water. Now apply a good quality foam or cream gel with a shaving brush. This will ensure an even coating which penetrates each hair, leading to a smoother shave. Remember that foam can dry out skin – so, it may not be the best option for sensitive skin. 

Wet and dry shaver

Practice great technique

When it comes to the shave itself you should try and build a structured technique rather than attack your beard randomly. Move from one side of your face to the other, moving against the grain of the hair. Apply a steady, even pressure and take your time. Then stop, review and run over any parts that need extra attention. If you have opted for a dry trim – use a comb to ensure freshly cut hairs are tidy and all lying in the same direction.

Stay Hydrated and Healthy

A great shave, great skin, and a great beard all rely on what’s going on inside as well as out. Following a balanced diet, drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep can all contribute to beard and skin quality. The better the condition of your skin and beard, the easier your shaving experience will be. 

Look after freshly shaved skin

It can be tempting to think you are done once the shave is complete, but aftercare is an essential part of the process – especially if you have sensitive skin. For a clean-shaven look, a moisturiser or face oil will provide essential protection for freshly shaved skin. For short-bearded or stubble based styles try a beard oil or balm to keep your facial hair under control and looking its best. 

Wet and dry shaver

Which Wet and Dry Shaver should I choose?

The shaver you choose will depend on the shaving style you prefer and what you are looking for in the performance of your shaver. One of our favourite all-round performers is the Panasonic 3 Blade ES-RT37, which is one of our customer’s favourites too. Balancing great performance and usability, it is a truly multi-functional shaver that will handle anything you throw at it.

This cordless and super lightweight shaver is easy to handle and manoeuvre with an impressive battery life. It can be fully powered in just 1 hour and offers 54 minutes of shaving time, meaning you have plenty of time to perfect your look. It’s also a great choice if you travel often and need a compact shaver that is grab and go.

As well as being incredibly usable, the Panasonic 3 Blade ES-RT37 is built on great performance. The 3-blade cutting system uses Japanese cutting technology and a flexible head to provide a truly close shave. While a slide up trimmer makes this perfect for longer styles and allows accurate shaping of sideburns and moustaches. 

Have you tried a wet or dry shaver yet? If not, what are you waiting for?  

Discover the Panasonic 3 Blade ES-RT37 as well as our full range of wet and dry shavers in our online store, today.