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While your favourite hair straighteners are perfect for creating beautifully smooth, sleek locks, did you know they’re also capable of much more?

Hair straighteners don’t have to be limited just to straightening your hair. Think of them as a versatile tool for all kinds of gorgeous styles – and discover how you can create some fun and stylish looks at home with yours. Read on to find out how you can transform your hair with 5 great hairstyles.

Channel that beach-inspired summer vibe this season, with this gorgeously soft and bouncy look. The Nanoe™ Hair Straightener EH-HS99 is ideal for creating this look, with even heat across the plates, and designed to keep pressure uniform across the entire straightener so you don’t leave any strands out.

To create this style, make sure your hair is blow dried first. Use a large round brush for a smooth and sleek result – this will ensure you have a good base to create optimal waves with.

Separate your hair into small 1-inch sections. Work away from the direction of your face, and from the roots down. Taking each piece, starting from the top, twist around your straightener and hold for a few seconds before carefully releasing the curl. Work all the way through.

Once you’ve curled all your hair, add a little texture to it by adding salt water spray or dry shampoo. Rub it lightly through your curls with your fingertips, to lightly break up the curls, and add a soft, tousled look.

Perfect for work, this smart hairstyle looks ultra polished, yet is manageable and easy to do, for mid to long hair lengths.

Divide your hair into a centre or deep side parting, and smooth out with a brush. Leave a small section aside from the side of your head, and secure the rest into a low or mid-height ponytail, using a small elastic hair band.

Using your Nanoe™ Hair Straightener EH-HS99, straighten the remaining section until smooth, and wrap it around the top of the ponytail. Keep the section spread out, to cover the elastic hair band, and secure the ends of the section underneath the ponytail with a bobby pin.

Take small, random sections of your ponytail, and create light flicks at the ends. Using a texturizing or sea salt spray, run lightly through your ponytail to soften and create a matte finish.

A world away from 80s perms, the modern crimped look gives a fresh, textured wavy look, that feels contemporary and stylish.

This is perfect for just washed hair, keeping a light feel through your crimps without being weighed down by excess oils. The Ion Hair Dryer with Nanoe Technology is ideal for creating smooth, shiny hair that retains natural moisture, and keeping the hair easy to manage.

Blow dry hair with a rounded brush. Take small sections of hair and braid tightly from root to end. Use a light hold hair spray on the braids and allow to dry. Stagger the braids around the crown of your head, ensuring they are not too close together.

Using your hair straightener, press down on the braids, working your way down. Once cooled, carefully un-braid each plait, and run your fingers through to create a soft, messy texture.

Perfect for any length hair, creating soft, bouncy waves that have a light and natural feel is easy with your hair straightener.

Blow dry your hair, adding a small amount of texturizing mousse beforehand. Divide your hair into small sections, and twist each section around the straightener, loosely passing through as you curl. Keep the direction of the curl outwards, and avoid winding sections too tight.

Once done, run through gently with a tiny amount of texturizing hold gel, breaking up the waves with a light touch.

A big and bold voluminous look isn’t the style you’d think of immediately when it comes to hair straighteners, but it can be really easy to create this glamorous and sexy hairdo, without needing any backcombing or causing damage to your hair.

Use a rounded brush and a straightener to create this look. First, blow dry your hair, adding a heat protection spray before hand. Divide your hair using a tail comb into small sections – the smaller they are, the more volume you’ll be able to create.

Take your first section and slowly work your straightener through, from root to end. Once straightened, use a large round brush, wrapping the section around the head, working from the ends down towards your scalp. Leave 2-3 inches away from your scalp.

Place the straightener on the section just below the brush, and slowly work the brush through your hair, moving upwards, away from your head. Follow closely behind with the straightener. Just as you reach the end of the section, wrap the brush around downwards again, and hold until cooled.

Once the hair has cooled completely, slowly release, and repeat.

Finish off with a medium to strong hold hair spray for a lasting result.