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Wet & Dry Epilator ES-EL9A

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Smooth skin
Comfortably in one stroke

Panasonic's wet/dry epilator comes with a 30% wider head* and double discs with 60 tweezers to enable fast, highly efficient hair removal. Your various needs for the entire body can be met with the 8 different attachments.
*Compared to the conventional ED series.
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Fast and soft epilation for full-body smoothness

8 attachments for all body areas provide through beauty care. Silky smooth skin all over between epilation and exfoliation.

Fast and soft epilation for full-body smoothness

Double discs for efficient epilation with 60 tweezers

The double discs ensure that leftover hair is caught, as the second disc catches hair missed by the first disc. In addition, the 60 tweezers allow you to catch more hair in one single stroke.
Double discs for efficient epilation with 60 tweezers

30% wider head*

Compared to conventional models, the 32.4 mm wide head covers an area that is 30% wider and removes more hair in one stroke, for quicker epilation.
*Compared to the conventional ED series.
30% wider head*

Catches hair too short for waxing

The two tweezer tips that grip the hair align beautifully, so that even hair as short as 0.5 mm, which would not be removed by wax treatments, gets gripped and removed from the root.
Catches hair too short for waxing

90° pivoting head fits every curve

The 90° flexible head effortlessly glides on the skin, closely following even the hard-to-reach areas.
90° pivoting head fits every curve

Foot care for satin smooth soles

Simply apply the roller head to hard calloused skin, the rolling file exfoliates dry and hard heels, and dead skin on the soles speedily and gently, to make the skin smooth.
Foot care for satin smooth soles

Sonic scrub brush for easy & quick skin care with foam

Use the brush regularly to help avoid ingrown hair. Sonic scrub brush exfoliates through high-speed vibration of approx. 3,100 times per minute, it exfoliates, efficiently, giving a smooth and soft finish. The sonic scrub brush is recommended before epilation.
Sonic scrub brush for easy & quick skin care with foam

Beginner-friendly sensitive area cap

By narrowing the epilating area, it can epilate targeted hair in sensitive areas such as the underarms and bikini line.
Beginner-friendly sensitive area cap

Quick, easy and skin friendly epilation

LED light

An LED light illuminates hard-to-see areas like the underarms and the bottoms of your feet. This allows you to find and remove every hair.
LED light

3 speed settings

Press the button to choose the speed from soft/normal/power mode depending on part of the body you are treating or thickness of the hair.
3 speed settings

Cordless operation

Offers a full 1 hour charge will last for up to 30 minutes of cordless operation.
Cordless operation

Wet & dry

The device can be used with foam, in the bathroom. It is waterproof so you can rinse the whole shaver under running water to wash away hairs to always keep it clean.
Wet & dry

Slim grip design

The user-centric shape makes the handle easy to grip and easy to reach hard-to-get-at areas of the body.
Slim grip design


Photo of Wet & Dry Epilator ES-EL9A

Size and Weight

  • Epilation HeadEpilation Head
  • Gentle CapGentle Cap
  • Sensitive Area CapSensitive Area Cap
  • Shaver HeadShaver Head
  • Pop Up TrimmerPop Up Trimmer
  • Bikini CombBikini Comb
  • Sonic Scrub BrushSonic Scrub Brush
  • Foot Care HeadFoot Care Head
  • PouchPouch
  • Cleaning BrushCleaning Brush

8 different attachments, meet your various needs

Double discs with 60 tweezers for efficient epilation

Flexible 90° pivoting head fits to every contour of the body

30% wider head
covers more area in one stroke

High power motor for the power mode

Wet/dry epilation for bath time care

Type of Disc

  • Double Discs

Number of Tweezers

  • 60

Speed Setting

  • 3 (Power / Normal / Soft)


  • Yes

Charging / Operating Time

  • 1 hour / 30 min

LED Light

  • Yes

WET/DRY Operation

  • Yes


  • Yes

Universal Voltage

  • Yes (AC100-240 V)


  • Epilation Head for Legs/Arms, Gentle Cap, Sensitive Area Cap, Shaver Head, Pop Up Trimmer, Bikini Comb, Foot Care Head, Sonic Scrub Brush Pouch, Cleaning Brush


  • WES2W31Y (Foot Care)

Body Size (HxWxD)

  • 16.3 x 6.7 x 4.7 cm


  • 170 g (without cord and attachment)


  • All values are approximate.



Photo of Wet & Dry Epilator ES-EL9A

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