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5 in 1 Body & Bikini Kit ES-WM31

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Smooth Skin All Over

This 5 in 1 Body & Bikini Kit is an all-in-one solution for your body. With hypoallergenic blades, it's gentle on your skin. It's an easy to use, battery-operated, waterproof unit.
*Global unit shipments of ladies shaver and trimmer from 1971 to March 2023.
  • 41 mil. Units shipped*
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5 in 1 Body & Bikini Kit ES-WM31

5 in 1 Body & Bikini Kit ES-WM31
The 5 in 1 Body & Bikini Kit ES-WM31 simplifies your routine by offering an all-in-one solution for full-body care. It ensures gentle care for your skin, but also clears up space on your bathroom sink and in your travel pouch for both usage at home and on the go.

Hair Removal for Entire Body

The sharp blade speedily cuts thick, long hair while the part that touches the skin is rounded and flattened for gentle trimming.
Bikini trimmer cuts thick and long hair speedily

1) The sharp 45˚ edge blade provides a speedy and clean shave.
2) The rounded and flattened blades provide a gentle touch while still shaving down to 0.2 mm.
Bikini trimmer–2 kinds of dedicated blades

Shaver head ensures a close, gentle shave for silky smooth finish. Its netted design captures thick hair for instant and precise cutting.
Bikini shaver for gentle & smooth shave

1) The net blade with big holes catch thick hair firmly
2) The sharp inner blade cuts hair speedily
Bikini shaver–Structure for silky smooth skin

Ultra-thin 0.12 mm blade efficiently removes hair for full-body use. It easily handles thick hair, suitable for pre-hair removal before salon visits.
Body trimmer for all-over shaving

The two blades on the Body Trimmer gives you a gentle and fast shaving experience. The Body Trimmer, featuring two blades, offers a gentle shaving experience for a quick, close shave.
Body trimmer–Structure for silky smooth skin

Multiple functions in One

Wet or dry use in the bath or in your room

Optimized for both wet and dry conditions, it can be used even in the shower or bathtub.
Wet or dry use in the bath or in your room

Waterproof with IPX7 certification

The IPX7 waterproof design allows for rinsing the unit under running water, ensuring quick and easy maintenance.
Waterproof with IPX7 certification

No need for shaving cream

Say goodbye to shaving cream with our gentle-to-skin shaver.
No need for shaving cream

Compact and easy to carry around

The battery-powered shaver is slim and compact, fits easily in your cosmetic bag.
Compact and easy to carry around

Powerful motor for quick & comfortable shaving

Featuring a high-speed, powerful motor that efficiently captures and trims thick hair, ensuring a quick and smooth finish.
Powerful motor for quick & comfortable shaving

All-in-one solution

Shave different parts of the body by switching attachments with an all-in-one solution.
All-in-one solution

Other Useful Attachments

Bikini Comb

Grooms long hair evenly to lessen volume.
Bikini Comb

Skin Guard

Prevents blades from touching skin directly for safe grooming of hard-to-reach places.
Skin Guard

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Size and Weight


*With bikini trimmer attachment

  • Wet/DryWet/Dry
  • GentleGentle
  • Hypoallergenic stainless steelHypoallergenic stainless steel
  • UnderarmsUnderarms
  • ArmsArms
  • BikiniBikini
  • legslegs

5 in 1 Body & Bikini Kit with interchangeable attachment

Advanced shaving performance with stainless steel blades and powerful motor

IPX7 waterproof design for wet and dry use


  • Yes (1 x AA Battery- not included)


  • Bikini Trimmer, Bikini Shaver, Body Trimmer, Bikini Comb, Skin Guard

WET/DRY Operation

  • Yes


  • Yes (Full Product)

Product Size (WxHxD) (mm)

  • 31×169×26


  • 75g (Without cap, attachments, battery)



Photo of 5 in 1 Body & Bikini Kit ES-WM31

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