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nanoe™ Hair Care series
Hair dryer EH-NA67

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Prevents hair damage while protecting scalp

Ideal for family use - and for your children's hair - our advanced dryer comes with an oscillating quick-dry nozzle that distributes airflow to help prevent hot spots. nanoe™ technology protects hair against damage from brushing and enhances smoothness and shine of your hair.
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Designed for family comfort and style

Avoiding hot spots when drying a child's hair can be quite the challenge. Use our unique oscillating quick-dry nozzle that distributes airflow around the hair for less hot spots and maximum comfort.
Designed for family comfort and style

Hello shine, goodbye frizz

Thanks to nanoe™ technology, nano-sized water particles penetrate your hair cuticles to restore moisture balance.*hairs and frizz, and reveal your natural shine from root to tip.*
* Test results by Intertek and Certification Ltd
Hello shine, goodbye frizz

Hair dryer with nanoe™ technology

nanoe™ holds approximately 1000 x more moisture than ions.*1 nanoe™ takes moisture-rich particles that are small enough to penetrate the shafts of your hair.*1 The extra moisture helps to protect hair against damage from everyday styling and brushing, enriching hair's smoothness and shine.*2
*1 Compared with ions by Diameter Measurement Analysis
*2 Tested at proDerm, Germany 2017

Family friendly hair dryer attachments

Oscillating quick dry nozzle for comfortable use

This ergonomic attachment delivers a gentle but powerful airflow that dries hair fast. When the nozzle is pulled out*1, it uses a gentle motion to automatically prevent hot spots on your hair and scalp, making it ideal for use on kids.*2
*1 Please pull out the nozzle until it has clicked.
*2 Suitable for adults to use on children above the age of six.
Oscillating quick dry nozzle for comfortable use

Your style, your way

Tailor your look using our concentrator nozzle that's ideal for precision drying and styling as it focuses and concentrates the airflow.
Your style, your way

Embrace your curls

Our diffuser attachment will disperse the flow of air more liberally. Using the diffuser with the hair dryer adds volume from the roots, and defines curly and wavy hair.
Embrace your curls

Convenient design for maximum control

4 temperature settings / 3 speeds

Everyone's hair is unique, that's why we've included four temperature settings and three speeds to match the condition and style of your hair.
4 temperature settings / 3 speeds

Set your style with a cool shot

Lock your style with cool air at the press of a button. Instantly accessible while styling without having to adjust settings.
Set your style with a cool shot


Size and Weight

  • nanoe™nanoe™
  • External nanoe™ outletExternal nanoe™ outlet
  • 4 temperature settings4 temperature settings
  • 3 airflow settings3 airflow settings
  • Cool shotCool shot
  • 2.7m cord2.7m cord
  • 2000W2000W
  • Concentrator nozzle (9 mm)Concentrator nozzle (9 mm)
  • Oscillating quick dry nozzleOscillating quick dry nozzle
  • DiffuserDiffuser

nanoe™ Hair Care series
Hair dryer
Enrich + Family Care

Prevent hair damage with nanoe™
nanoe™ with 1000 times the moisture protects hair

Oscillating quick dry nozzle
Protects scalp and hair from excessive heat while drying fast

3 speeds, 4 temperature settings, 3 attachments: Oscillating quick-dry nozzle / Diffuser / Concentrator nozzle


  • 2000W (at 240V)


  • nanoe™

Cool-Shot button

  • Yes


  • 3 settings


  • 4 settings


  • No


  • Oscillating quick dry nozzle, Diffuser, Concentrator

Body Size (W x H x D)

  • 90 x 230 x 200(w/o nozzle) mm


  • Approx. 547 g(w/o cord, nozzle)



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