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Panasonic's Best Electric Shaver for Men, Wet and Dry ES-LS9A 6-Blade Shaver with Charging Stand

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Series 900+ - Panasonic’s best shaver for closeness and skin comfort even on longer, tricky beards*

The Series 900+ is crafted with 6 advanced Japanese blades to provide the most comfortable and cleanest of shaves, lasting even longer than eight hours.* Our best shaver series is designed to tackle the toughest beards with just one stroke.**
*Tested with 100 men on 1, 3 and 5-day beards in Germany for 4 weeks at home usage, August 2021.
**internally tested vs Panasonic predecessor ES-LV9F
  • personalcare
  • Japanese Blade Tech
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6 Advanced Blades - Effective Shave for All Beard Types

Designed to tackle the trickiest and toughest beards efficiently, especially on the chin and neck. 6 advanced Japanese stainless-steel blades deliver the closest of shaves even on longer stubbles.
With 6 blades, the skin contact area is increased and at the same time the pressure on the skin reduced by 10%, providing a more gentle shave and minimising skin irritation.*
*Comparison with the current 5-Blade LV97
6 Advanced Blades - Effective Shave for All Beard Types

6 Advanced Japanese Blades

1 6 Advanced Blades - Effective Shave for All Beard Types

To discover the secret to this cutting performance, just click on buttons 2 through to 5.

2 2x Thick Stubble Blade

These are expertly coated with titanium to thoroughly scoop up long, flat-lying hairs on the jaw and around the neck.

3 2 x Lift Blades

Reverse-tapered edges lift and cut flat-lying hairs.

4 2 x Finish Blades

These thin (41um) stainless-steel blades glide close to your skin for a smooth finish.

5 Smooth Slider

This provides flexibility so the shaver head can rotate and slide sideways to glide over skin and reduce friction.
Smooth Slider

Panasonic's Sharpest Blades

The durable Japanese stainless-steel foils are designed for years of gentle shaves. Based on the art of the Samurai sword-making tradition, our shaver is designed with the most durable inner blades that are nano-sharpened to just 30 degrees. They can cut through the thickest stubble efficiently with a minimal number of strokes needed, so there’s no damage to skin, leaving your face smooth and tactile.
Panasonic's Sharpest Blades

Ultra-fast Linear Motor for a Smooth Shave

Our fastest linear motor with 84,000 cross-cutting actions per minute will provide a clean, long-lasting shave with a steady cutting speed, no matter how thick your beard. With advanced mag-lev technology, the shaver uses the world’s strongest magnets to deliver a smooth and clean-cut shave.
Ultra-fast Linear Motor for a Smooth Shave

Beard Sensor Personalizes Your Shave

Benefit from a bespoke shave with our Beard Sensor Technology that adapts the power to suit your face contours, stubble thickness and density. The power will boost where beard growth is heavy and reduce in other areas to prevent skin irritation offering you the most comfortable shave.
Beard Sensor Personalizes Your Shave

Our Most Flexible 22D Shaver Head

Flexibility is key when it comes to limiting the number of strokes needed for a close shave, which is why the Series 900+ comes equipped with a 22D Flexible Shaver Head. The head moves in 10 directions and the six blades move in 12 directions independently - both vertically and horizontally - and follow the contours of the face.
Our Most Flexible 22D Shaver Head

Other Features

Versatile Pop-up Trimmer

With its durable stainless-steel blades with a 45-degree edge, our pop-up trimmer is designed for pre-shave cutting and detailed grooming. Sharp and precise, it has been crafted with convenience in mind.
Versatile Pop-up Trimmer

Wet or Dry Use

You can shave dry, with gel or foam and take the waterproof design into the shower. Whatever your preference, you can enjoy a smooth and gentle shave every time.
Wet or Dry Use

Auto Cleaning and Charging Station

Convenient and stylish, the ES-LS9A features a stand that automatically charges as well as cleans the shaver to remove sebum and beard clippings and maintain excellent condition. This will keep your shaver hygienic and blades sharper for longer.
Auto Cleaning and Charging Station

Premium and Ergonomic Design

With its sophisticated matte black finish, the shapely design sits comfortably in hand so you can shave with ease. The shaver’s multi-LED indicator shows battery status and operation status at a glance.
Premium and Ergonomic Design

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Photo of Panasonic's Best Electric Shaver for Men, Wet and Dry ES-LS9A 6-Blade Shaver with Charging Stand

Size and Weight


*1 Based on dry use at 20-30°C *2 Without cap

  • 6 Stainless steel blades6 Stainless steel blades
  • Beard sensorBeard sensor
  • 3 min. Quick charge3 min. Quick charge
  • 50 min. Cordless usage50 min. Cordless usage
  • Cord/cordlessCord/cordless
  • Pop up trimmerPop up trimmer
  • Wet/dryWet/dry
  • Travel lockTravel lock
  • Universal voltageUniversal voltage
  • 5 LEDs display5 LEDs display
  • Travel caseTravel case

6 Advanced Japanese Blades

Ultra-fast Linear Motor for a Smooth Shave

Sensor Personalizes Your Shave

Unique 22D Flexible Shaver Head

Auto Cleaning and Charging System

Craft Black Color & Sculpted Design


  • No

Type of Motor

  • Approx. 14,000cpm / Linear Motor

Cross Cutting Performance

  • 84,000 cross-cutting actions/min

Blade Type

  • 6-Blade

New Thick stubble blade

  • 2 Blades

Inner Blade

  • 30° nano-sharpened Blades


  • Pop-up Trimmer

Trimmer Blade

  • 45° Blades


  • Multi-Fit Arc Blade


  • 22 D Flexible Shaver Head

Cutting element

  • 22D

Shaving Sensor

  • Yes

Sensing frequency

  • 220 time / second


  • Yes


  • Yes


  • Yes

Charge Indicator

  • Multi LEDs (20 LEDs)

Charging Time

  • 1hour

Operating Time

  • 50 min


  • Li-ion

Power-supply voltage

  • 100-240 V

Auto cleaning charging system

  • Yes

Replacement Blade(Set)

  • WES9600

Product dimensions (H x W x D)

  • Approx. 172 x 72 x 59 mm

Body Weight

  • Approx.220g



Photo of Panasonic's Best Electric Shaver for Men, Wet and Dry ES-LS9A 6-Blade Shaver with Charging Stand

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Combination package replacement blades for the models ES-LS9A, ES-LS6A

Photo of WES9600


Special Detergent for Shaver Cleaning & Charging System. 3 pcs/package

Photo of WES4L03

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