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ER-CTW1 – Waterproof Beard, Hair and Body Trimmer Head Attachment compatible with the MULTISHAPE system

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Beard/Hair/Body Trimmer
Head Attachment

The Beard/Hair/Body Trimmer head attachment is a personal men’s care essential for everyday use with the separately available MULTISHAPE Main Unit (handle). A unique Japanese blade design for efficient trimming and up to 58 easily adjustable length settings supports you in looking your best and feeling confident – so you are ready for every occasion.
  • Multishape
  • Japanese Blade Tech
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MULTISHAPE Modular Personal Care System

Be ready for every occasion – with MULTISHAPE. It evolves with your personal style and care needs. Simply build your own kit by adding the attachment heads of your choice to the Main Unit, which are available for purchase separately.

Powerful and efficient trimming

Trim your dense beard, hair and body efficiently and evenly with precision. MULTISHAPE is simple to control, fits optimally in your hand and lets you change your style over time as you like.
Powerful and efficient trimming

58 exact length settings

Get the look you want quickly and precisely. Just use the easy dial to adjust the cutting length with one of the four supplied comb attachments – in small intervals of up to 58 steps. From 1mm to 30mm in 0.5mm intervals. You can even go down to 0.5mm by simply not using a comb attachment.
58 exact length settings

Unique blade design

Powerful Japanese blade technology – it’s yours with the ER-CTW1. It has been engineered with durable and sharp, 45° nano-polished Japanese stainless-steel blades. The wider spacing between the blades captures and cuts more hair at once for fast, smooth results.
*as seen in the image
Unique blade design

Convenient and easy

Compatible with the MULTISHAPE Main Units

ER-CTW1 can be used in combination with the main units ER-CBL1 (Li-ion battery) and ER-CBN1 (Ni-MH).**
The trimmer head in combination with the Li-ion handle gives you up to 70 minutes of operation* with just one hour of charging. Should the battery run out of power, you can still finish up your styling for about 5 minutes after a super-quick 3-minute charge.

*Based on dry usage at 20-30°C maximum operating time when using the ER-CBL1.
The maximum operating time when using the ER-CBN1 is Approx. 40 minutes.
**Main units are sold separately.
Compatible with the MULTISHAPE Main Units

Easy maintenance

Do you prefer to groom at the sink or have little time and groom on the go? The trimmer head and handle feature a waterproof design so you can trim dry or with gel or foam – even under the shower. By giving you the option of wet trimming, you can minimise the burden on your skin for a gentle trim.
It also means that you can easily and quickly clean your MULTISHAPE by rinsing it under running water.
Easy maintenance

Additional high-quality features

Ready to travel

Perfect for travel, the MULTISHAPE is a single device that can be upgraded with all the attachments you need, for wherever you’re heading. A compact design and detachable heads makes packing effortless.
Ready to travel

Less waste

Sustainability is at the heart of the MULTISHAPE system – you only choose the attachments for your individual style. So there’s less waste created because there are no needless attachments. And if your look evolves, you can always add to your system in the future.
Less waste

Minimalistic design

The attachment head seamlessly blends in with the design of the handle – making for a modern, minimalistic appearance. At the same time, the simple structure is ideal for attaching all current and future heads – while the open and flexible use lets you enjoy your personal care routine every day.
Minimalistic design

Get Inspired


Photo of ER-CTW1 – Waterproof Beard, Hair and Body Trimmer Head Attachment compatible with the MULTISHAPE system

Size and Weight


* Without comb attachment

  • WetDryWetDry
  • WashableWashable

MULTISHAPE modular personal care system

Precisely adjust cutting length setting up to 58 steps

Unique blade design optimized for beard, hair and body

Washable for easy maintenance

Ideal for travel and business trip

A long-term sustainable solution


  • Beard/Hair/Body


  • Japanese stainless-steel blades
    45˚ Nano Polished Blades

Cutting Length By Dial Adjustment

  • 58 length settings

Cutting pitch

  • 0.5mm

Cutting range

  • 0.5~30mm


  • 1-10mm
    1.5mm for Body

Number of Attachment

  • 4

Suit for Detailing

  • No


  • Yes

Dimensions (H×W×D)

  • Approx. 79×49×43mm*


  • Approx.60g*

Modular personal care system

  • Yes


  • *Without attachment



Photo of ER-CTW1 – Waterproof Beard, Hair and Body Trimmer Head Attachment compatible with the MULTISHAPE system

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