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Portable oral irrigator with two water jets and interdental mode

Good oral hygiene requires more than simply brushing, which is why we’ve designed the Panasonic oral irrigator to promote healthy teeth and gums. It comes with a powerful water jet and air-in water streams to wash away food debris and plaque left in periodontal pockets after brushing. On top you can enjoy a longer usage experience thanks to the Interdental mode.
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Powerful on teeth and gums

The device is designed for optimum mouth hygiene and to keep teeth and gums protected. For fast and impressive results, JET mode pulsates with a high-pressure water stream to effectively remove bacteria in periodontal pockets.
*Image is for illustrative purposes only.
Powerful on teeth and gums

Gentle care for your gums

For those days when teeth are feeling sensitive, you can make use of the AIR IN REGULAR or AIR IN SOFT modes. These pulsate a stream of water mixed with air to gently stimulate the gums and remove stubborn plaque and food debris.
*Image is for illustrative purposes only.
Gentle care for your gums

Enjoy a two-minute clean

Our innovative INTERDENTAL mode allows for up to two minutes of periodontal pocket and gum cleaning at a time. The water flow is intermittent so there’s minimum water waste when you move the irrigator nozzle from one tooth to the other. Compared to the JET mode, it provides effective cleaning with about a quarter of the amount of water.
Enjoy a two-minute clean

Ideal for cleaning orthodontic appliances

As well as giving teeth and gums a thorough clean, our device works well with orthodontic appliances such as bridges, braces and dentures. Use the powerful jet to wash away food debris in hard-to-brush areas including in and around braces and bridges. *Image is for illustrative purposes only.
Ideal for cleaning orthodontic appliances

Powerfully cleans between the teeth

With its comfortable-to-use head and choice of four cleaning modes, the oral irrigator gets in between teeth and around gums with ease. No space is too tight as powerful water jets tackle stubborn food and plaque for the freshest of finishes and reassuringly effective oral hygiene. Benefit from a maximum water pressure of 590 kPa for effective cleaning and choose from one of the four modes to suit you.
*Image is for illustrative purposes only.
Powerfully cleans between the teeth

Handy and convenient design

The device comes with two nozzles, two coloured rings and two nozzle stands to make it easy for everyone in the household to identify their own head. To charge the base simply place it on the non-contact charger.
Handy and convenient design

Compact and easy to use

Designed for cordless operation, our rechargeable oral irrigator is convenient and easy to use. It comes with a detachable tank that can be simply rinsed under tap water and refilled after each use. A full water tank provides from 35 to 120 seconds of use depending on the selected mode. Compact in design, it’s also easy to store and keep close to hand ready for next use.
Compact and easy to use


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Interdental Cleaning

Powerful JET mode with a maximum pressure of approx. 590kPa

Periodontal Pocket Cleaning

AIR IN mode with fine bubbles of air

Selectable 4-Mode Water Jet


Charging time

  • Approx. 15 hours

Power consumption

  • Approx. 1 W

Pump frequency

  • 1,400 pulses/minute*

Water pressure

  • INTERDENTAL : Approx. 590 kPa (approx. 6.0 kgf/cm²)
    JET : Approx. 590 kPa (approx. 6.0 kgf/cm²)
    AIR IN (REGULAR) : Approx. 390 kPa (approx. 4.0 kgf/cm²)
    AIR IN (SOFT) : Approx. 200 kPa (approx. 2.0 kgf/cm²)

Operating time

  • Approx. 15 minutes * , approx. 60 minutes **
    (at 20 ⁰c when fully charged)

Tank volume

  • Approx. 130 mL
    (approx. 35 seconds * , approx. 120 seconds ** )

Dimensions (H x W x D)

  • Main unit: 197 x 59 x 75 mm
    (Not including nozzle)
    Charger: 40 x 93 x 98 mm


  • Main unit: Approx. 305 g (Including nozzle)
    Charger: Approx. 180 g

Airborne Acoustical Noise

  • 65 (dB (A) re 1 pW)


  • * When using AIR IN (REGULAR) mode
    ** When using INTERDENTAL mode
    This product is intended for household use only.



Photo of EW1411

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