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Bancroft’s School

Case Study – Bancroft’s School

Bancroft’s is an independent school for pupils aged 7 to 18.  It has a clear focus in offering fresh food to meet the needs of every pupil and enabling the children to make positive decisions around their eating habits.

In 2005, the school repositioned the catering offer and designed a new dining room, Sixth Formers Café, to provide a more age-appropriate environment for the older children.  Since the launch, Catering Manager, Marc Stephan, and his team have worked to build a strong rapport with the pupils so they can help them understand more about their food and regularly introduce them to new foods.  Marc adds, “We try to make our menus interesting and exciting, as it is crucial to appeal to a diverse range of ages and nationalities and to suit a variety of dietary requirements.  We work closely with suppliers, factoring in local and seasonal produce, range, pricing and flexibility while catering for over 1,400 meals a day but being 100% in-house, we have complete control of what is being offered to our students.”


At the Sixth Formers Café, Panini and toasted sandwiches are by far the best sellers, where Marc’s team caters for approximately 260 students daily.  “We’d have no hesitation in giving the Panasonic NE-SCV2 Speed Convection Oven five stars!  Its three cooking methods, microwave, convection and grill, means it is extremely versatile as well as being fast and easy to use thanks to its pre-set cooking programmes and touch screen display.  The oven greatly reduces cooking time and when using the grill in addition to fan you can produce a golden, crispy finish to a dish that is normally difficult to achieve.  It is the ideal solution for our Sixth Formers Café where we cook, toast and grill a wide range of products including toasties, pastries and pizza.  

“In addition, it has a compact footprint and benefits from an easy-access, front mounted door but the best thing about this appliance it is so easy to use; the temperature is accurate and cooks food incredibly fast!  Since we have had the Panasonic oven we have overcome our issue with a lack of space and shortened queue times.  The SCV-2 is also smart and very easy to keep clean!”

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