Basic Approach of Human Resources

Basic Approach of Human Resources

"People are the foundation of business. Develop people before making products." Throughout its history, Panasonic has consistently placed priority on human resource development based on this philosophy. The core element of our human resources policy is building win-win relationships between the company and employees through a variety of initiatives, stemming from the principles of participative management, evaluations based on performance, and respect for employees. In essence, this approach means that we are simultaneously pursuing two objectives: sustaining growth in business performance and allowing employees to achieve self-fulfillment through their work. This is how we go about making Panasonic worker-friendly, resulting in a more fulfilling work environment.

Employee Training and Development

Human resource development

As indicated by the phrase "The success of business depends on employee," growth and development of business cannot be realized without the development of people. Human resource development should be carried out through daily management and it is one of the most fundamental responsibilities of managers.

Managers should keep in mind that in order to bring innovation to others, the manager must take the initiative to bring innovation to oneself. It is important to carry out human resource development appropriately to enhance the quality of staff members and to stimulate their personal growth.

Therefore Panasonic created its "Human Resources Policy" in 1957, which includes "Basic Purpose of Human Resources Development," "Requirements for All Panasonic Group Employees," and "Basic Guideline for Managers." In order to apply these policies globally, we created "Human Resources Development Policy" which contains the basic philosophy in more understandable phrases and has been made more concise. The Human Resources Policy is shared with all employees at Panasonic to promote the growth of each individual and create a workspace climate conducive to personal growth.

Human Resources Development Policy (Excerpt)

I. Basic purpose of Human Resources Development
To develop people to have a good understanding of Panasonic's Management Philosophy (BBP) so that they will strive to carry out their responsibilities based on the Philosophy; specifically to develop people to practice 'Requirements for All Panasonic Group Employees' as listed below.

II. Requirements for All Panasonic Group Employees
The points below are requirements that all Panasonic Group employees should fulfill. All employees are expected to use this as a guideline and strive for further development.

  1. Practice our Management Philosophy
  2. Always show challenging spirit
  3. Keep thinking and acting innovatively
  4. Respect diversity and inclusion
  5. Be globally-minded

III. Basic Guidelines for Managers
Below are basic guidelines for managers which must be fulfilled so as to "develop people before making products."

  1. Show clear leadership based on strong beliefs
  2. Create an organization and culture which allows employees to fulfill their potential
  3. Encourage others to develop themselves
  4. Provide opportunities to take on new challenges and to achieve their goals
  5. Create workplaces where diversity is valued and respected
  6. Appreciate staff members for their efforts
  7. Develop healthy management / employee relations