IFA 2022: Future-oriented products for a brighter tomorrow

Panasonic is showcasing its latest products and innovations to enhance people's wellbeing while showing solutions for individuals and businesses to reduce their CO2 footprint and create a green impact

IFA 2022: Future-oriented products for a brighter tomorrow

At IFA 2022, Panasonic will be presenting its latest product offerings from across its consumer lineup, including TV, Home AV, Small Kitchen Appliances, Personal Care and Digital Imaging products. Additionally, Panasonic is showcasing the company's comprehensive and concrete solutions to fight one of today’s most serious societal issues, climate change. The well-thought-out new booth design has resulted in a total reduction of 140 tons of CO2 emissions in comparison to the Panasonic IFA booth in 2019, as calculations according to the GHG (Green House Gas) Protocol show. This is equivalent to a reduction of 71%.

In line with the new brand action tagline "Create Today. Enrich Tomorrow.", which Panasonic unveiled to the public for the first time at IFA 2022 in Berlin, and the corporate vision of “Wellbeing”, Panasonic is even more focusing its attention on the lifestyle of its customers as well as on global environmental and climate protection, as part of their contribution to society. Such a contribution has been a significant mission since its foundation more than 100 years ago. Panasonic has clustered its products into three segments on the booth: “Spatial Wellbeing”, “Outer Wellbeing” and “Inner Wellbeing”.

Furthermore, there will be a “Central Area”, where Panasonic will showcase future products and technologies in the field of wellbeing. In addition, the sustainability activities of Panasonic in terms of carbon neutrality and circular economy will also be displayed. And of course, there will be separate areas on the booth to showcase the latest LUMIX and Technics products, too.

“After almost three years of the global Corona pandemic, we look forward to allowing our customers and consumers to meet us and our products again. Being back now to a physical show format, we would also kick this off in a fresh way. We will be presenting ourselves in a new hall and with a completely new booth design, where sustainability takes high priority. The pandemic and all stress factors the pandemic brought have made most of us focus much more on our health, peace of mind and overall wellbeing. Our vision as a manufacturer of consumer goods is therefore to contribute even more to the happiness of consumers. At Panasonic we are thinking about a balance of inner, outer and spatial wellbeing,” explains Hideki Katayama, Managing Director of Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH.

“At the same time, we are pleased to see a tremendous growth in our green energy solutions such as our air-to-water heat pumps and other products we provide in Europe and worldwide. Contributing and making a ‘Green Impact’ towards our goal of net CO2 neutrality by 2030 in our own operations and by 2050 across our total value chain including societal impact.”

Spatial Wellbeing: TV, home entertainment and room climate for the best living atmosphere

At IFA 2022, the focus will be primarily on the current core and premium TV range, which includes advanced OLED and Core-LED series with screen sizes from 77 to 42 inches. In this context, the new Panasonic OLED range consists of the LZW2004, LZW1004 and LZW984 series and the Core-LED range consists of the LXW944 and LXW834 series. The absolute highlight is the flagship series LZW2004, whose Master OLED Pro panel sets standards in the market in terms of brightness and colour fidelity. It is specially selected and optimized by the research and development teams, resulting in even better control of the individual picture parameters. The new OLED models have been tuned by renowned Hollywood film colourist Stefan Sonnenfeld. The 2022 models also offer new functions for gamers. These include, for example, the Game Control Board, significantly lower latency for 60 Hz games, and HDMI 2.1 with expanded gaming options for the entire 2022 OLED range.

In order to continuously expand the gaming performance of their products, Panasonic is expanding its cooperation in the gaming community: In addition to the partnership with gaming and e-sports event experts TaKeTV, which has been in place since summer 2019, Panasonic has been an eFootball partner of FC St. Pauli since March 2020. Gaming fans can also look forward to the FINAL FANTASY® XIV Online Edition of the Panasonic SC-GN01 neck speaker, which won the Innovation Award in not one but two categories at CES 2022 in Las Vegas – Headphones & Personal Audio and Gaming. It expands the company’s gaming speaker line-up around the ”SoundSlayer” HTB01, which was developed in collaboration with SQUARE ENIX® Co., Ltd., to enhance gamers' gaming experience and immerse them in their favourite games.

A pleasant and cleaner indoor environment is also part of the ultimate feeling of wellbeing. The Etherea room air conditioners are equipped with the nanoe™ X technology developed by Panasonic, that generates hydroxyl radicals contained in water, bringing nature’s balance indoors. nanoe™ X technology has the ability to inhibit 5 types of pollutants, including certain viruses and bacteria in the air and in the indoor environment including on hard surfaces and soft furnishings, and is effective against smells and odours. In this way, it helps to purify the air and has been shown in lab tests to inhibit the spread of the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). Etherea boasts the highest energy ranking of A+++ in heating and cooling and operates extremely quietly at just 19dB(A). The stylish design of the units suits any interior and is available in three colours: Graphite Grey, Matt White and Silver. Etherea with nanoe™ X features intelligent control that can be integrated into standardised smart home systems with leading voice assistants on the market.

Outer Wellbeing: Personal care for a good body feeling
With the innovative MULTISHAPE modular personal care system, Panasonic is bringing more sustainability to men's care, creating space in the bathroom and saving room in the travel bag. For the first time, users can put together their own personal grooming tool from scratch. Based on a rechargeable battery grip, individually available, high-quality attachment heads can be purchased separately for cutting hair and beards, shaving, trimming body hair, shaping ear, nose and eyebrow hair, and even brushing teeth. Users can simply choose the attachments that suit their individual needs, no matter how their style evolves. This way, they can look good on every occasion.

Released earlier in 2022, the new Panasonic Series 900+ wet/dry shaver offers a smooth, clean shave in just one stroke thanks to the combination of the company's first 6-blade shaving head with an ultra-fast linear motor and Japanese blade technology. As a result, up to 80 percent of beard hairs are captured on the first pull1, including four times more2 "problem stubble" such as long or flat-lying hairs.

The new hair dryer EH-NA9J brings both style and care together. Through the combination of nanoe™ and double mineral technology, it provides the hair with deep care already during blow-drying and improves moisture balance. With the included diffuser, the premium hair dryer is the ideal choice for curly hair and anyone who wants more volume.

On-the-go oral care with Ultrasonic Technology, the EW-DJ4B travel oral irrigator uses an ultrasonic water jet to wash away food debris from tooth surfaces, between teeth and periodontal pockets. It is powerful and compact: when the main unit is pushed into the water tank, the travel oral irrigator measures just 15.4 cm and is easy to carry in your luggage. All of these Personal Care devices will be on display and demonstrated at IFA 2022.

Inner Wellbeing: Kitchen and household for a healthy diet
Supporting a healthy lifestyle full of culinary variety was the goal of developing the new NN-DS59 steam oven that perfectly fits even into the smallest kitchen. The all-rounder combines four cooking methods in one compact appliance: steam, oven with top/bottom heat, surface grill and inverter microwave. This gives gourmets and cooking beginners alike numerous options for preparing new recipes and favourite dishes in a time-saving and healthy way. In addition to vitamin-preserving steam cooking, low-fat preparation is another feature of the NN-DS59.

Digital Imaging: Great mirrorless cameras for professional video production
The Panasonic LUMIX G1 was the first digital mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera worldwide. Since its introduction in 2008, Panasonic has been considered the pioneer of mirrorless system cameras. Today Panasonic is one of the leading companies in the market for full-frame and MicroFourThirds (MFT) mirrorless cameras. As part of the L-Mount System, Panasonic sets new benchmarks in compactness and functionality, especially with the LUMIX S5. Thanks to its mobility, the LUMIX S5 is the perfect choice for video professional productions or content creations.

Additionally, since the introduction of the GH1 in 2009, the GH series cameras have been the top choice for creatives worldwide thanks to their performance, compactness, and rugged design. The outstanding performance of the current LUMIX GH Series flagship model LUMIX GH6 is attested by the international expert jury of the Technical Image Press Association (TIPA). The jury recently named the LUMIX GH6 "Best Professional 4K Hybrid Camera", underscoring the goal of Panasonic to offer the best mirrorless cameras for professional video production.

Technics: High-quality audio products thanks to over 50 years of audio experience
The latest Technics products will also be on display at IFA 2022. These include two new true wireless headphones EAH-AZ60 and EAH-AZ40, which feature breathtaking sound quality thanks to innovative technologies and with which Technics once again demonstrates its expertise in engineering high-quality audio products thanks to over 50 years of audio experience. With the new JustMyVoiceTM technology, they offer the best speech intelligibility by suppressing wind and ambient noise, making them the ideal companions for everyday home office use, video conferencing and telephone calls. The new EAH-A800 wireless noise-cancelling headphones now complement this line-up. The over-ear headphones shine with outstanding sound quality.

Another Technics IFA 2022 highlight will be the new compact SA-C600 network CD receiver, which is part of the new Premium C600 series and harmonizes perfectly with the powerful and compact SB-C600 loudspeaker in terms of both sound and appearance. The new SA-C600 will of course impress with its proven and sophisticated fully digital amplifier technology based on the Technics-typical JENO engine, which is the basis for extremely dynamic music reproduction. In particular, vinyl lovers and fans of DJ culture can look forward to the special edition of the SL-1200M7L DJ turntable, which is limited to 12,000 units worldwide. It is available in seven stylish colors that reflect the "street art" origins of DJ culture.

Central Area: The commitment of Panasonic to sustainability
At the centre of the booth special highlights from the Panasonic GREEN IMPACT and Wellbeing area will feature just some of the company’s energy products and solutions such the innovative and advanced Pure Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generator and the new Aquarea EcoFleX air-to-water heat pump. In addition, future products and technologies in the field of wellbeing will also be displayed.

For more information about Panasonic at IFA 2022 please visit www.panasonic.com/IFA2022