Long-lasting silky smooth skin, even in hard-to-reach places

Long-lasting silky smooth skin, even in hard-to-reach places
  • Wide double discs for highly-efficient epilation
  • 60 long and wide tweezers for fast and precise hair removal
  • Auto-foaming function ensures smoother epilation

Panasonic is today announcing a new wet/dry epilator, the ES-EL9A. The model features highly efficient epilation with wide double discs to achieve smooth, hairless skin all over the body. The sleek and elegant design features 30% wider*1 double discs with 60 tweezers for fast and steady epilation in a single stroke. The 90-degree flexible pivot head excels in fitting to the curves of the body and maximizing ease of use.

In addition to the conventional normal/soft 2-speed step, the model benefits from ‘power mode’, which enables more accelerated epilation. Various attachments are also available for the entire body, including hair removal of the underarms and bikini line, and even exfoliation*2.

*1 Compared to the conventional ED Series

*2 Using a Sonic Scrub Brush or Foot Care Head bundled

Everything you need in one device anytime, anywhere

The multiple attachments of the ES-EL9A enable epilation, shaving and exfoliation for head to toe body care. The wet/dry model is also cordless and runs on a lithium-ion battery. It takes approximately one hour to fully charge the battery for 30 minutes of use. When the battery is low, a light indicates the need for recharging.

Fast, efficient epilation with wide double discs

The ES-EL9A comes equipped with 30% wider* discs making it possible to treat a wider area. Hair that remains after the passage of the first disc is removed by the second disc, achieving fast, efficient epilation for meticulous hair removal.

*1 Compared to the conventional ED Series

Wide and long tweezers for absolute precision

The 60 tweezers on double discs securely remove even the finest strands of hair. The longer length and tight closure of each tweezer is designed in order to catch the hair more securely. They also open more widely to increase the contact with the hair. The two tweezer tips that grip the hair align perfectly, so that even hair as short as 0.5 mm, which would not be removed by wax treatments, is gripped and completely removed at the root level. The tweezers are also center-aligned for easier removal of target hairs.

Waterproof design and even gentler epilation

The ES-EL9A features a waterproof design allowing in-bath use. By first soaking and softening the skin in a bathtub, each hair can be quickly and easily epilated from the root; perfect for those with a lower pain threshold. The moisture protects the skin and prevents it from drying. What is unique is its auto-foaming function. By adding shower gel onto the head of the epilator, the function makes a fine foam which can be applied through the hairs to achieve even smoother epilation.

The waterproof design of the ES-EL9A means it is fully washable and easy to keep clean with the enclosed cleaning brush. It is also easy to take travelling inside an included pouch.

Easily find and remove all unwanted hairs

The flexible pivot head rotates by 90-degrees providing better skin contact to every contour of the body, including hard-to-reach areas, whilst maintaining a comfortable posture.

For hairs that can be harder to find, an LED light enables easy detection even when used on hard-to-reach areas.

Attachment head for flexible usage

The ES-EL9A wet/dry epilator features attachment heads to enable salon-quality performance within the home.

  • Gentle and Sensitive Area Caps: Both caps allow you to remove hair smoothly without pulling the skin. The Sensitive Area cap narrows the shaving part to target hairs in small sensitive areas
  • Bikini Comb: Attached to the shaver head, use the comb to thin hair and cut down volume before epilating
  • Foot Care Head: The ES-EL9A has an additional foot care head featuring a micro-ceramic file for hard skin on heels or calluses. A curved roller head enables accurate application
  • Sonic Scrub Brush: The ES-EL9A features a brush with 60,000 high-density bristles which vibrate at 3,100 times per minute to exfoliate the skin quickly and efficiently – suppressing ingrown hair and resulting in smooth, soft skin

Panasonic is committed to encouraging effortless beauty for women, and enriching people's lives, by introducing a wide range of home products designed and developed under strict quality and safety controls.

  • Specifications are subject to change without notice.