Panasonic proves it’s a cut above with its first ever
6-blade shaver, the Series 900+

Say hello to Panasonic’s best shaver yet for closeness and skin comfort even on longer, tricky beards¹, the NEW Series 900+.

Panasonic proves it’s a cut above with its first ever 6-blade shaver, the Series 900+

Panasonic’s first 6-Blade Shaver, the Series 900+ is designed to tackle longer, more dense stubble, made more common due to the increase in working from home. Combining Japanese blade technology and Panasonic’s ultra-fast linear motor, the Series 900+ is a cut above, cutting up to 80% of hairs in just one pass², delivering long lasting smoothness even after eight hours³.

Cutting four times trickier, long, flat-lying hairs on a single pass than the current ES-LV97 5-blade shaver, the Series 900+ comes in two different configurations, the ES-LS9A which also includes a dedicated cleaning and charging station; and the ES-LS6A which includes only the shaver itself.

NEW additional blade technology
The Series 900+ includes two finish blades, two lift blades and two new thick stubble blades coated with titanium, designed to thoroughly scoop up and capture long, flat-lying hairs found on the jaw and around the neck.

Forged from the same highest-grade stainless steel used for Japanese sword making, all six blades are made with Panasonic’s advanced Japanese blade technology, renowned for its strength, sharpness and durability. Panasonic’s blades are nano-sharpened to just 30 degrees, creating an angle that keeps the blades close to the hair root. The combination of durability and sharpness ensures a clean, close and non-irritable shave that leaves the face stubble free for up to eight hours.

In addition, the new Series 900+ shaver also features a pop-up trimmer, enabling pre-shave cutting and detailed grooming.

Ultra-fast linear motor and 22D flexible shaver head
Fitted with an advanced ultra-fast linear motor, each Panasonic Series 900+ shaver employs advanced mag-lev technology, with the world’s strongest magnets capable of a staggering 84,000 cross-cutting actions per minute. Maintaining its ultra-fast speed even as the battery’s charge depletes, the Series 900+ reduces skin irritation that can occur with conventional shavers when cutting speed declines.

Providing a smoother and cleaner shave in one stroke, this accuracy is made possible by a flexible head and floating six-blade construction that moves in 22 independent directions, to minimise pressure and irritation to the skin, cutting quickly and cleanly. Each stroke covers a greater area while reducing the overall burden on the skin by 10% compared to the current 5-blade ES-LV67 shaver.

A personalised shave using sensor technology
Every beard is different and the Series 900+ is fitted with Panasonic’s most responsive beard sensor technology. The sensor detects beard density and thickness 220 times per second and adjusts the power of the motor 14 times per second, providing a personalised shaving experience by following the contours of the face and rotating from side-to-side. 

Premium and compact design
Not only does the Series 900+ incorporate the latest Panasonic technology, but its design is superior too. Minimalistic and stylish in matte black with metallic accents, the sculptured, ergonomically shaped design also promotes ease of use. Furthermore, the handle integrates a modern multi-LED display, which shows the battery and operation status at a glance.

Panasonic proves it’s a cut above with its first ever 6-blade shaver, the Series 900+

In addition, the ES-LS9A comes complete with a compact auto cleaning and charging station, which automatically cleans and charges the shaver after every use with the press of a button. The thorough clean keeps the blades sharper for longer, removing all beard clippings and sebum, which can be difficult to remove with water alone.

¹ Tested on 1, 3 & 5 day beard, Germany 2021.
² In house laboratory test data.
³ Tested on 1, 3 & 5 day beard, Germany 2021.