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Gender Pay Gap Reports

Gender Pay Gap Reports

The importance of people and their well being has been a fundamental feature of Panasonic’s Business Philosophy for the past 100 years. Panasonic recognises that our success is propelled by the creativity and dedication of our highly skilled, experienced employees and the Company works hard to foster a culture where people are treated equally, with respect and are recognised for the contribution they make.

We have been building on our learnings from our first gender pay report in 2017 and have made some progress which we are pleased to see has been represented by some reduction in the gap in some areas.

Panasonic Business Support Europe (UK) 2020 Report

Panasonic UK 2020 Report

Panasonic Business Support Europe (UK) 2019 Report

Panasonic UK 2019 Report

Panasonic Europe UK Office 2018 Report

Panasonic UK 2018 Report

Panasonic Europe UK Office 2017 Report

Panasonic UK 2017 Report