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Photo of DMR-EX86EB-K DVD Recorder

DMR-EX86EB-K DVD Recorder

DVD DVD-Video yes
DVD-RAM DVD Video Recording yes
JPEG yes
Ver.2.2 and lower (Except Ver 1.0) yes 5X MAX Speed*3
DVD-R/ DVD-R DL/ DVD-RW DVD-Video yes*1
DVD Video Recording yes*1 (DVD-RW only)
MP3 yes*1 (DVD-R/ DVD-R DL)
JPEG yes*1 (DVD-R/ DVD-R DL)
+R/ +R DL/ +RW DVD-Video yes*1
CD, CD-R/ CD-RW CD-DA yes , (-R*1, -RW*1)
Video CD yes , (-R*1, -RW*1)
MP3 yes*2, (-R*1, -RW*1)
JPEG yes , (-R*1, -RW*1)
SVCD yes , (-R*1, -RW*1)
DVD-R Ver.2.1 and lower (Except Ver 1.0) yes 16X MAX Speed*3
DVD-R DL Ver.3 yes 8X MAX Speed*3
DVD-RW Ver.1.2 and lower (Except Ver 1.0) yes 6X MAX Speed*3
+R Ver.1.3 and lower yes 16X MAX Speed*3
+R DL Ver.1.1 and lower yes 8X MAX Speed*3
+RW Ver.1.2 and lower (Except Ver 1.0) yes 4X MAX Speed*3
DVD-R, DVD-R DL, DVD-RW DVD-Video Format*4
Hard Disk Drive XP/ SP/ LP/ EP Mode [Approx.] 71h/ 142h/ 284h/ 426h (567h)*5
4.7GB# DVD-RAM/DVD-R/ -RW/ +R/ +RW XP/ SP/ LP/ EP Mode [Approx.] 1h/ 2h/ 4h/ 6h (8h)*5
8.5GB# DVD-R DL XP/ SP/ LP/ EP Mode [Approx.] 1h 45m/ 3h 35m/ 7h 10m/ 10h 45m (14h 20m)*5
8.5GB# +R DL Disc XP/ SP/ LP Mode 1h 45m/ 3h 35m/ 7h 10m
9.4GB# DVD-RAM XP/ SP/ LP/ EP Mode [Approx.] 2h/ 4h/ 8h/ 12h (16h)*5
AUDIO SYSTEM Dolby Digital Decode
DTS Decode (2ch)
USB Slot yes
Front yes
USB Standard USB 2.0 High Speed
Playback JPEG yes
MP3 yes*2
Transfer to HDD MPEG-2*6, JPEG, MP3
HIGH QUALITY PICTURE & SOUND 1080p Up Conversion yes
Chroma Processor yes
Deep Colour yes
Audio D/A Converter 192kHz/24bit
Pause Live TV yes*7
Series Recording yes
Direct TV Rec yes
Auto Scene Chapter yes
60 Sec Skip & 10 Sec Back yes
JPEG Slideshow with Music yes
GUIDE Plus+™ yes*8
Video Output yes
Optical Output yes
Analogue Audio Output yes
Video Input (Front) yes
Analogue Audio Input (Front) yes
Euro SCART Output yes (AV1/ AV2)
Euro SCART Input yes (AV1/ AV2)
TUNER Tuner System DVB-T
Channel Coverage UHF: CH 21-68
Video Recording System MPEG-2 (Hybrid VBR)
Audio Recording System Dolby Digital 2ch (XP, SP, LP, EP mode), Linear PCM (XP mode)
Power Supply AC 220-240V, 50Hz
Power Consumption [Approx.] Normal Use 25W
Power save in standby is activated (RF out: off) 0.3W
Power save in standby is not activated 10W
Main Unit Dimensions (W x H x D) [Approx.] 430 x 59 x 286 mm
Weight [Approx.] 3.4 kg
NOTE *1 Discs recorded and finalized on recording devices.
NOTE *2 For content recorded for your personal use. Playability may vary depending on the contents, discs and quality of the recording.
NOTE *3 You can dub faster when using a higher version.
NOTE *4 It is compatible to a DVD-Video format after finalised.
NOTE *5 In EP mode, you can select either 6 hours or 8 hours of recording. The sound quality in 6-hour EP mode is higher quality than in 8-hour EP mode.
NOTE *6 Motion pictures encoded in the MPEG-2 format, which have been taken by a Panasonic digital video camera with HDD etc, can be copied from the camera’s HDD to this unit’s HDD or DVD-RAM.
NOTE *7 No Pause Live TV with 2013 VIERA.
NOTE *8 The GUIDE Plus+TM system may not be available in some areas.
NOTE # 1GB = one billion bytes. Useable capacity will be less.
NOTE Specifications are subject to change without notice. Weight and dimensions are approximate.
WARNING The recording and playback of content on this or any other device may require permission from the owner of the copyright or other such rights in that content. Panasonic has no authority to and does not grant you that permission and explicitly disclaims any right, ability or intention to obtain such permission on your behalf. It is your responsibility to ensure that your use of this or any other device complies with applicable copyright legislation in your country. Please refer to that legislation for more information on the relevant laws and regulations involved or contact the owner of the rights in the content you wish to record or playback.
TRADEMARK NOTICE Dolby and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laborateries. DVB and the DVB logos are trademarks of the DVB Project. GUIDE Plus+ is registered trademark or trademark of, manufactured under license from and subject of various international patents and patent applications owned by, or licensed to, Rovi Corporation and/or its related affiliates.

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