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Cleaner and Fresher Air.
Enhance the hospital environment.

It is hard to imagine a place where sanitary conditions are more important than a hospital. Having a clean and comfortable environment is crucial for patients, who are especially vulnerable to infection, but who require optimum conditions for maximum treatment. Cleanliness is also vital for doctors and staff who provide care. That’s why Buon Me Thuot Hospital chose Panasonic air conditioners with nanoe™ X for cleaner air and a safer space.

How nanoe™ X works

Thanks to the characteristics of nanoe™ X, pollutants can be inhibited.

nanoe™ X reaches pollutant.

nanoe™ X reaches pollutant.

Hydroxyl radicals denature pollutant proteins.

Hydroxyl radicals denature pollutant proteins.

Pollutant is inhibited.

Pollutant is inhibited.

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Providing comfort
with sanitary spaces.

Providing comfort  with sanitary spaces.
Providing comfort  with sanitary spaces.

To facilitate patient treatment, hospitals provide a comforting and peaceful environment along with medical support and direct care. It takes a combination of doctors, nurses, and sanitary conditions to achieve the ideal conditions for the patient. Hospitals not only need to clean chairs and sofas in waiting rooms, curtains, and medical equipment, they need to be concerned with invisible contaminants in the air. Air conditioners with nanoe™ X technology can help with this by inhibiting certain viruses, allergens and more. Striving to achieve cleaner air clearly benefits patients, but it also lends peace of mind to healthcare providers because they know it helps them in their work. Cleaner air is a comfort.

Cleaner air for medical care.​

Cleaner air for medical care.

Panasonic technology creates a cleaner and more comfortable environment by literally using water to clean the air. nanoe™ X electrifies hydroxyl (OH) radicals in microscopic water droplets that inhibit a wide range of air contaminants. The result is cleaner, fresher, safer air ‒ a concern that will undoubtedly grow stronger in the future. Contributing to the cleanliness of the air is a crucial step toward improving the healing environment of the patient.

Quality air enhances hospital comfort​​

Our hospital is responsible for the essential task of providing sanitary and safe environments. It is comforting to know that air conditioners with nanoe™ X can help by inhibiting invisible air contaminants in indoor spaces. With the right air conditioner, hospital rooms, offices and intensive care units can be safer. This provides both safety and comfort, along with the confidence of knowing that our hospital is taking the extra step. Fostering healing is a team effort, and every component helps.

Mr.Tran Van Tuan
Vice President

Quality air enhances hospital comfort

Solutions & Technology Applied

Buon Me Thuot Hospital adopted Panasonic 4-way cassette air conditioner that provides 360° wide airflow to cool large spaces evenly. With its flat horizontal design, the 4-way cassette air conditioner fits neatly into the ceiling without affecting the aesthetic look of the hospital. It is also equipped with nanoe™ X to inhibit various pollutants for a comfortable hospital environment.

Panasonic nanoe™ X technology offers the benefits of hydroxyl radicals (also known as OH radicals) contained in water and has the capacity to inhibit bacteria, viruses, and other pollutants as well as deodorize odors. The nano-sized particles of nanoe™ X allow for deep penetration into soft furnishings like fabric, sofas, and carpets. nanoe™ technology is proven to effectively inhibit more than 99%* of novel coronavirus.

Products installed:
Indoor Units
S-34PU2H5-8: 12 Units
S-43PU2H5-8: 2 Units
S-48PU2H5-8: 8 Units

Outdoor Units
U-34PS2H5-8: 12 Units
U-43PS2H5-8: 2 Units
U-48PS2H5-8: 8 Units

*nanoe™ device inhibits activity of adhered novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) by over 99% in 3 hours (1)Testing organization: Osaka Prefecture University (2)Test subject: Adhered novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) (3)Test volume: 45L enclosed box (350×350×400mm) (4)Test result: Inhibited over 99% in 3 hours

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