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Use Case | Voice of the nanoe™ X Customer

Mr. László Somogyi, Owner/Managing Director, Mecsek Klima Ltd.

An image of installation of air conditioners in a pharmacy with nanoeX logo

Mecsek Klíma Ltd. is an installer company which was founded more than 20 years ago and has had a long-term reliable partnership with Panasonic, thanks to which they introduced us to one of their customers, SIPO.  SIPO is a very crowded pharmacy. Since it is located in a shopping center which is basically a “glass cage”, the temperature easily goes up to 30 degrees during hot summer days. Only basic ventilation is equipped in the building and the smell from the surrounding could be very irritating.

What is the key factor for employing Panasonic HVAC system?

Being equipped with nanoe™ X, it deodorises, and inhibits virus and bacteria, which is extremely important in a pharmacy especially during flu season.

An image of a boss standing in front of air conditioners

How do you find it after you have installed
the air conditioning system featuring nanoe™ X?

nanoe™ X is on 24/7 and the quality of the air is noticeably better than before, and there are no bad smell any more.

Mecsek Klima Ltd. continues to promote Panasonic nanoe™ X featured heating & cooling solutions.

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