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Human Detection Sensor for ECONAVI


ECONAVI Sensor for Optimal Energy Savings

The ECONAVI Sensor detects occupancy and activity levels in each area. It intelligently adjusts indoor units to match room conditions, saving energy by avoiding unnecessary heating or cooling.
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Photo of CZ-CENSC1

Human-activity detection and 2-degree temperature range helps optimise comfort and efficiency.

ECONAVI will stop the unit or adjust to a previously set temperature if it does not detect activity.

The ECONAVI device is installed independently of the indoor unit, and is located in an area best suited for detection.

Energy-saving in office: ECONAVI will react if the air conditioning is left on after the last employee leaves the office.

Increased comfort in hotel rooms: Temperature is automatically adjusted if it detects human activity.

Dimensions (mm) H 120 x W 70 x D 32
Weight 75g
Temperature / Humidity Range 0 to 40℃ / 20 to 80% (No condensation)
* Indoor use only.
Power Source DC 16V (Supplied from indoor unit)
Connections 1 sensor per indoor group



Case Studies


Compatible with FSV Indoor Units

The ECONAVI sensor can be connected to various types of indoor units through remote settings, maximising the detection area. Flexibility in installation accommodates indoor unit replacement as well as layout changes.
[Compatible indoor units] 1) 4-Way Cassette 2) Mini Cassette 3) Wall-Mounted 4) Twenty Series Duct 5) Mid Static Duct 6) Ceiling
Compatible with FSV Indoor Units

Activity and Presence Detection

In the Morning

Ample cooling during busy morning hours.
In the Morning

In the Afternoon

Reduced cooling with less activity.
In the Afternoon

At Night

Automated Thermo-Off depending on conditions as the day winds down.
At Night

Activity and Presence Detection

Activity Detection

Presence Detection

Higher activity

Lower activity

 Short time absence

Long time absence

Cooling Set Temp.

No change

 +1 °C

+2 °C

Cooling Thermo OFF / Stop

Heating Set Temp.

-1 °C

 No change

-2 °C

 Heating Thermo OFF / Stop

Detection Interval

Every 2 minutes

After 20 minutes absence

 After 3 hours absence

Flexible Installation for Extensive Coverage

Sensor installation is flexible to avoid pillars, walls, and other obstructions, ensuring optimum sensoring and enhanced energy-savings.
A) Wide detection area B) Dead zone
1) Sensors can be set from remote locations to maximise detection areas. Flexibility in installation accommodates indoor unit replacement as well as layout changes.
Flexible Installation for Extensive Coverage