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LonWorks Interface


LonWorks Interface Controls Up to 16 Groups and 64 Indoor Units

Communication converter for LonWorks to S-Link integration.
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Photo of CZ-CLNC2

This interface is a communications converter connecting LonWorks to the FSV control network.

Basic settings and status monitoring is possible from the host connected to LonWorks, for up to 16 groups.

A/C unit settings from the LonWorks communicator.

Settings for each group of indoor units: ON/OFF, temperature setting, operation mode, option 1/2 settings.

Settings for all units: Emergency stop.

A/C unit status notifications made to the LonWorks communicator: Start/stop, temp setting, operation mode, etc.

Connects to LonWorks network
FTT-10 A transceiver device
Power Single-phase, 100-120 / 200-240V~, 50-60Hz
Power Consumption 11W max.
Service Environment Conditions Temp. 0 to 40ºC, humidity 20 to 80%
*Indoor use only
External Dimensions (mm) H 79 x W 500 x D 215
Weight Approx. 3.3kg



Single Split Packaged Air Conditioner


Case Studies


16 IDU Basic Settings & Status Monitoring

Check air conditioner settings, status notifications, and configuration properties.
A) System Controller. B) LonWorks Interface. C) Centre Control Device (field supply). 1) Indoor/outdoor unit control line. 2) LonWorks communication line.
16 IDU Basic Settings & Status Monitoring