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Wired Remote Controller for Non-Inverter Single Split Packaged Air Conditioner


Wired Remote Controller for Single Split Packaged AC

A wired remote for non-inverter single split packaged air conditioners. It allows for basic AC operations, energy-saving functions, and timer control.
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Photo of CZ-RD513C

Basic function: ON/OFF, mode setting, fan speed setting, temperature setting, air flow direction.

Energy saving: Economy mode.

Timer setting: Daily timer, weekly timer (a maximum of 6 settings/day and 42 settings/week can be programmed)

Dimensions (mm) H 120 x W 116 x D 15.5
Net Weight 120g
Storage Temperature -30 to 60˚C
Voltage DC 5V±0.25V
Working Condition Operating temperature range (Indoor: -10~60˚C)
Operating humidity range (40~95% RH)


Case Studies


Easy Control via Weekly Timers

1) Select Day: Timer can be set for each day of the week.
2) Enter Time: Can be pre-set with: Max.6 settings/day, 42 settings/week.
3) Set Temperature: The temperature can also be programmed for optimal comfort.
Easy Control via Weekly Timers

Energy-Saving Economy Mode

Saves up to 20%* energy. The air conditioner determines the stable condition and moderately shifts the set temperature in 0.5-degree steps to regulate the energy-saving operation (maximum 2 degrees).
* When operating in cooling mode at 25°C or lower.
Energy-Saving Economy Mode