Invisible Issues with Indoor Air Environment

Invisible issues with indoor air environments

The Important Role That Ventilation Plays in Maintaining Good Air Quality

Controlling air quality using our products that supply, exhaust, and circulate air to meet the specific needs of different environments, Panasonic offers a healthy and comfortable lifestyle. 

An image showing the issues of indoor air environment such as humidity, dust and mould

Types of Ventilation

Entire Building

An animated image showing a solution plan of air supply and exhaust ventilation that functions efficiently by using a total heat exchanger and balancing the temperatures between outside and indoors.
ERV Plan
An animated image of a solution plan that mechanically ventilates air and exhausts heat, moisture, harmful substances and odors quickly.
Exhaust Air Plan

Individual Rooms

An image showing the kitchen's ventilation and air flow.
An image showing the bathroom's ventilation and air flow.

An integrated solution for indoor air quality and comfort

With the Complete Air Management System, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) sensors constantly monitor air quality for automatic control of air conditioning and ventilation volume. The system provides optimally clear air at a comfortable temperature and humidity.

Air Circulation

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