A Journey to Uncover Mie’s Delicacies

The Matsusaka Taste Sensation

The aroma hits you first. As your stomach yearns to find the meat that produced this mouth-watering melody, the waiter rounds the corner with a smile. Placed in front of you is a beautifully colored beef cutlet, glazed delicately by the nectar pulled forth by the grill.

This is Matsusaka beef, one of Japan's best known dishes. But beef is beef, right? We challenge you to taste it and say that again. When it touches your tongue it almost melts, firing your taste buds into frenzy.

The Genesis of Flavor

But why? Why is this beef so superior, so much better than the others? Well, journey with me down the road a bit to a farm where these cattle are raised. When we pass by the entrance, you might notice something... a bit strange. The cattle raisers will be massaging the cows. You heard me correctly. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill farm. These facilities are clean and natural; very much a reflection of the nature that surrounds Matsusaka. The fresh air and fertile grounds keep the cows stress free. The cattle raisers prepare special feed to make sure they control exactly what nourishes this beef. Through painstaking efforts and careful attention to detail, Matsusaka beef truly has earned its reputation as one of the finest of its kind in the world.

The meat is tender and the fat is finely marbled between each fiber.

Discover What Makes Matsusaka Beef So Special

Matsusaka cows are female without offspring because they haven't lost any nutrients through feeding. Matsusaka's Cattle Expo has only increased its beef's reputation and its quality is usually ranked higher than Kobe beef. Kobe beef costs 6,500 JPY per 150g whereas Matsusaka's beef costs 10,500 JPY for the same amount.

A Picture of the Matsusaka Cattle Expo.

Our Recommended Restaurant in Matsusaka


Wrap cooked beef with raw beaten egg before eating for a heartier flavor.

Exterior of Gyugin Honten.

Enjoy the delicious taste of beef without using a lot of condiments.

Gyugin Honten

Founded in 1902, this restaurant is famous for great sukiyaki. It is in a Japanese-style house renovated about 80 years ago. You can enjoy Matsusaka beef in a Japanese atmosphere atop tatami mats.

Click to locate Gyugin Honten

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