Tips for Proper Clothing Care by Japanese Model Yuka

Here are some tips to help your favorite clothes last longer.

Brush your clothes, when you come home

Put your clothes on a hanger and gently remove dust with a natural hair brush. Brushing refreshes the fibers and smoothes the fabric. It also helps to prevent damage to the fabric.

To remove stubborn stains, pre-wash your clothes with a washboard

Remove stains on collars and cuffs with a washboard before washing the clothes by hand or in a washing machine. You can easily remove stains by rubbing the clothes against the ridged surface of a washboard.

Prepare fashionable and functional clothing-care tools

Why don't you go and look for your favorite pre-wash brush, hand-wash detergent, antibacterial, deodorant, anti-crease sprays, and dryer balls?

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