Trouble Shouldn’t be Waiting for you at Home

A Solution for Your Post- Trip Laundry

While going for a vacation is exciting, the trip back home can be a little sad. Especially when it’s time to worry about the large quantity of laundry you made. Your Shirakawa-go experience might end up spilling some oil or sauces onto your clothes while eating local delicacies. With Panasonic’s new washing machine, you can remove those stains easily thanks to ActiveFoam System and StainMaster+.

Introduction the NA-FS16V5

Equipped with the ActiveFoam System, you have a machine that can make even some of the toughest dirty clothes clean again. Couple that with the Stain Master+ function that corresponds to six different kinds of dirt at the touch of a button and removes it from clothes at the optimum water temperature.

Destroy Dirt with Two Functions

1. Lifts stains away with fine foam

High-density foam lifts, separates and removes dirt from deep in fibers. Turbo Mixer dissolves detergent to generate fine foam for even more powerful washing. ActiveFoam System fights grime from fabric fibres and boosts your washing performance.

2. Intensive multi-stains removal

Easily removes six of the most common stains with the push of a button. Choose 40℃ or 60℃ for either oily stains or bacteria removal without damaging your clothes. The combination of a scrub-wash effect through dynamic water flow and ideal temperature and soak time creates an optimal wash sequence to powerfully remove stains.

Introduction the NA-FS16V5